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Every Labor Day Weekend we load up the family mini van and head to Daytona Beach for a couples day of fun in the sun. This year was no exception. Along with the usual stuff of going to the beach, swimming, eating at new places … we also visit a different church each year. We try a worship style a little different than what we normally experience. Sometimes you can learn something.

I picked an evangelical free church. The worship style was very different and the teaching was very classroom oriented and not really church expressive.

As I sat there I do what I do in a new place … I look around. The ceiling caught my attention. This was a newer style building and was decorated very modern and tasteful but that ceiling, WOW! It had a serious Florida problem. Because the AC ducts ran through the ceiling … moisture. Lots of mold and mildew stains.

Once I noticed that it detracted from the rest of the decorum of the building. I am sure most of the members including the pastoral and elder leadership of that church don’t notice. Or if they do it is shrugged off because they are simply used to it. Looking up caused me to see it. I changed my normal view and position while sitting in church. That caused me to see things differently. It changed my perspective.

I have changed my position in life as well. I went from being a Senior Pastor in a church to being an associate. That change position is also an incredible change in perspective. I see things and people very differently now.

It’s good to change positions and see things in a new light. It will change your perspective and, if done correctly, your effectiveness.

That’s my Life Thought. I’m Pastor Marty.

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