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MANDELLA Nelson Mandella was a Communist. Period. Yesterday Bill O’Reilly in an random moment of actual conservative truthful commentary reminded everyone of that fact. Today he is softening his position by also emphasizing he was a ‘great’ man. What has actually happened in South Africa since his world induced peacefully pressured PC release from prison and ascension to the presidential facade? EXACTLY!

The progressive left gets another idol for their hall of martyrs. The tributes are being so overdone that even ESPN commentators are invoking Mandella quotes on Sports Center.

A Communist propaganda puppet died. Period. Now, what’s the score of the game without a Mandella memorial sentiment please….

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DJ MARTY Yes, it’s been awhile since I have posted here. As a full time Associate Pastor, Christian School Administrator, Daily Radio Talk Show Host, and Producer and host of 2 other radio shows as well as coaching High School basketball ALONG WITH being a husband and father of 4 teenagers … it gets crazy busy. But I love it. In fact, I thrive on it.

As I watch the President try to nibble on a humble pie he just needs to eat, it becomes a painful reminder of my own sins and failures. He’s tried to say he didn’t what he said -which was: You Can Keep It, PERIOD! Sorry Mr President, YOU, said it. OWN IT! Right now you are getting owned by the GOP, Tea Party, Conservative Media and EVEN the mainstream press. Members of your own party are jumping ship. When Bill Clinton scolds a sitting Democratic President … you’re getting owned!

4 years ago I had to own my own sinful, prideful behavior and actions. I hated choking down every piece of that humiliating pie but I also loved it at the same time. Why? Jesus said, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” What is the key to freedom? TRUTH! The truth is painful but liberating. The truth removes ownership from the acusers, the critics, and those who desire to pull you down and keep you there. Try as they might -blog, post, tweet, and text- their venom and self righteousness condemnation … IF you have owned your sin, accepted responsibility, repented, and made right what is within your power to make right then you are free no matter what others may say or do.

There are those who dislike me, my ministry, and what the Lord has done in my life and family. Sorry, but God didn’t give them a vote. I cannot deny past actions nor do I need to be perpetually condemned by them either. I’m free. Why? Because in truth I owned it. Wasn’t easy. Didn’t happen as quickly as it should have. All I accomplished in fighting it was delay His forgiveness, grace, and restoration.




I guess I am in a musing mood today. For the benefit of my oldest daughter who is 18 and in college let me share a few thoughts on dating prospects:

1. Hot guys love the Lord and have a real salvation testimony. They live their faith and are not ashamed of it.

2. Hot guys have jobs, pay their bills, and fully fund the dates.

Approved dating activities: church, church events, well lit public places and activities which foster positive, moral behavior. If you are thinking of dark secluded places to show her some special attention …. THINK AGAIN. Keep all aspects of your personal anatomy to yourself. Failure to do so will result in your losing that appendage permanently.

3. Hot guys come in the house. They shake hands and converse with my daughter’s parents and family members. They do not drive in the driveway and honk. I have a nervous tick from my years as a POW. Honking creates flashbacks causing me to respond in full tactical assault mode.

4. Hot guys bring my daughter home safe, sober, and purity in tact. They bring her home on time. If she comes in slamming the door and crying … Houston, we have a problem!

Additional drop off notes… Upon pulling into my driveway, place both hands in clear view on the steering wheel and keep them there. Yes, the face in the window looking out at you is me. Do not ask about the infra-red dot on your chest. When my daughter is safe inside and you are backing out … the dot will go away.

5. Hot guys respect her, treat her like a lady, and act like a civil human being in her company (glad to be there because you can be replaced in a nano-second).

6. Hot guys DO NOT show up asking for my daughter looking like a reject from a reality TV tattoo show, pierced eye brows (or ears for that matter), or a dip/wad of chew in your mouth. IF you insist that you’re a God loving honest young man with honorable intentions desiring her pastor father to give you grace ….fine. You must agree to the following: Being dry scrubbed with brillo pads until the tattoos of vipers, women, and pot leaves are gone … having the piercing removed by needle nosed pliers, and swallowing the dip. IF I discover you have a tongue bolt or quarter holes in your ear lobes … I will express mail you back to the place you escaped from.

On a serious note…

7. Hot Godly guys plan a future that includes prayer, hearing from God, and following His will. IF that plan does not include her … do not disobey God’s directive. Your sin will effect her.

I’m done – for now. I’ll get to the boys later.


BOB COSTAS With the looming economic crisis hanging over our heads courtesy of Washington D.C., what’s on Bob Costa’s mind? The name: Redskins for the Washington football team. Really? On Sunday, October 13 during the Cowboys – Redskins half time report Costas went on a rant about the Redskins name being demeaning to Native Americans. He admitted no Native Americans have protested the name nor boycotted the team. In fact, many have played for the franchise and are loyal fans.

So what’s Bob’s beef? Bob cannot seperate his politics from sports. Whether it’s an anti gun rant or some other leftist bleeding heart dribble stumbling out of his mouth Bob want his views heard during basketball, football, whatever. It’s sad.

If the owner of the Redskins really wanted to change their team he should drop Washington since that’s the real embarrassment.

Rush Limbaugh was let go by ESPN for being too political. But hard up NBC and the official network of the Obama administration allow Bobby to spew his asinine nonsense unfettered.

I love politics. I host a politcal radio show where I discuss politics. I also host an inspirational devotional show. No politics there. I also host an oldies show. No politics there either. It’s call appropriateness for the audience. In short… professionalism. Costas lacks integrity and professionalism by taking advantabge of a “captive” audience who thought they were watching an NFL half time game report only to get a political agenda thrust at them. If Bob wants to do politics then give up the sports gig and go over to MSNBC and host a political commentary show.

I’m Pastor Marty


healthcare_gov%20website%20up More than a week into the glitch-littered launch of the ObamaCare insurance “exchanges,” critics are decrying the roll-out as a “train wreck” that should give everyone pause about requiring individuals to use the new system — or obtain insurance elsewhere — by early 2014.

“How can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn’t work?” House Speaker John Boehner said.

The site opened for enrollment on Oct. 1, but users are still having trouble breaking through the website’s myriad problems just to sign up. The price tag for the site has grown from $93 million to $634 million.
The administration all along has tried to explain the problems as a product of the overwhelming interest in the insurance products on the site — a matter of sheer volume.

‘I’ve been a software developer for 33 years … when something is not working right, you just kind of know the reasons.’ – James Turner

But critics say the site was just poorly designed. Computer software experts said the site may experience significant technical glitches for months. “I wouldn’t rule out that possibility,” said George Edwards, a computer scientist and professor at the University of Southern California. It all depends on when they identify the bugs, where they are, and if they can be resolved easily, he said — all while the site is running and open to millions of customers. “[It’s] like trying to repair a car while someone is driving it.”

Good luck with that! -rolling eyes-

I’m Pastor Marty

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ObamaRansomHostagePIX Well, the President (who says he refuses to negotiate with the Republican terrorists) called a Press Conference on Tuesday. Do you know why? Because this shutdown of his is back firing! For the first time he is not able to disassociate himself from his own mess. He’s now off his game and it’s sad, funny, and scary all at the same time. Instead of being cool and calm, he’s grabby and desperate.

Rush Limbaugh took the airwaves with his perspective of the PC. Here’s a portion-

RUSH LIMBAUGH – You know, I just listened to a little bit of Obama at his press conference, and it is obvious that you didn’t get scared enough over what the Republicans are trying to do with the shutdown and Obamacare. So now he’s really piling it on in this thing, and it is so over the top. And, folks, what he said is just not true. I mean, from start to finish, what he said about the debt limit is not true. The Republicans have got to come out when this is over, somebody has to go to a microphone and correct this ASAP.

He’s using words like “nuclear bomb,” “hold hostage.” He said, “The American people don’t get to demand a ransom when they have to pay their mortgage.” The American people also don’t get to pay their mortgage by raising their debt limit and going to the Fed, Mr. President, and having them print money for it.

The purpose of this press conference was for Obama to repeat two words for one hour: “ransom” and “hostage” and attach them to the Republicans. That’s the only reason for this thing.

Read the full transcript here:

Kuddos to House Speaker John Boehner (I am no fan of his) who demonstrated backbone, character, and the ability to land a punch in his follow up address.

I’m Pastor Marty
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kelly 1 Since the Election Night Disaster of 2012 the 24 hours “news” media channels have been in a tail spin to keep and attract viewers. FOX NEWS dumped half their paid contributors who were deemed too conservative. Any conservative who thinks Fox News Channel is fair, balanced, and represents their point of view – FORGET IT! Their daytime line up would fit in on OWN (Oprah’s Channel). Shepard Smith is awful, The Five are a joke that isn’t funny, and Bret Bair still looks like he’s in Junior High School and is definitely in over his head.

Megyn Kelly had an afternoon time slot that featured her face, her legs, and her blonde ignorance. Trying desperately to shed her Barbie Doll on TV image she did this photo spread- kelly 2

There you go… why didn’t Cronkite do that to be taken seriously as a TV news anchor?

The credibility factor of Fox News is gone. In her debut telecast last night she (Kelly) shouted in the intro. Apparently she was trying to be the female Chris Matthews. She tried to portray Ted Cruz as a right wing nut and then did real hard hitting journalism with her self indulgent tribute to herself, her softball interview with the family members of the woman the DC police shot, and her puff piece chat with the Five. This is news? These are the events that shape our lives? So this is the Fox News Channel answer to Rachel Maddow and Piers Morgan? UNBELIEVABLE. Gretta would have been better at 9 than Kelly and I am no Gretta fan. At least she tracks some real stories.

Maybe they felt Hannity had lost his touch. Personally, I thought his best work was when he was co-hosting with Alan Colmes. The back and forth was great. Sean has 4 or 5 motto mantras that he repeats over and over and over during his radio show and then on TV. They last a few days and then he gets a new set of lines. But I do believe he’s a Conservative. Bill O’Reilly is a complete fraud. He plays the conservative on TV and works the conservative evangelical audience masterfully. His ghost written books (light on historical accuracy), his No Spin merchandise cheesy products, and “regular guy” persona are all phony.

At least Hannity pounded this administration over Benghazi, Obamacare, Stimulus, Spying, and other hot button issues that actually effect Americans … Megyn Kelly is there to look pretty and give O’Reilly something to smile about when he intros her. I guess the Fox News front office thinks the best to combat Piers and Maddow is offer their own version of the SAME THING!

She cannot be taken seriously as a news commentator. Maybe she can get a news gig on the Playboy channel. At least the bunny ears would give her some amount of respectability.

More to say today on THE DRIVE @ 5 … 5pm (EST)

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obamacare-logo It was the official unveiling of Obamacare online this week and the result: ERROR – This Site Is Closed for Repair!

Pardon me for a momment -pause- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

After ramming it down our throats, forcing it on us, and mandating we buy it or else … IT DOESN’T WORK. Only liberal socialists can come up with this stuff. President Obama’s lame spin, “It’s so popular the server cannot handle the millions of enthusiastic consumers.” Reality check -come back to planet logic, Mr. President – millions of people feel like they have a gun to their head and think they MUST buy it!

Once again the government demonstrates why it is incompetent and not ready for primetime. Did Team O hire people from Google or Amazon or iTunes who designed systems to handle millions of people at once? Oooops, that would be too sensible. Too easy. Team O hired kool aid drinkers with AA degrees in Computer Tech 101 but no real experience. LOL

Let Bill Gates’ team design it or Zucker-his-name from Facebook. WOW – if they cannot launch the website (even I have uploaded websites) do we really have confidence it’s hacker proof and our information is safe and secure? Do we really have any confidence that IF they mail us an “insurance” card it will actually work or cover anything or be honored anywhere?

All I can say … this makes the Republicans’ look like prophets. So the Obamacare site is closed for repairs. Keep the government closed, too – it doesn’t work either.

I am Pastor Marty


EVERYONE (usually during a break up) has heard that statement, “It’s not you. It’s me.” -shaking my head- As Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” When will God’s people fear Him more than they do man? I just witnessed someone make a decision based on fear. They rejected someone but then went on about how much God will use them … someplace else. WOW! Sad when people miss out what God was trying to do for them and then settle for less than second best.

I am Pastor Marty


WALTER A man asked me this week if I believed it was wrong for pastors to be controversial. He had taken exception with a picture I posted of President Obama. As I thought of his question throughout the day the Lord reminded of a statement made by the late Dr. Walter Martin, director of the Christian Research Institute, once wrote “Controversy for the sake controversy is a sin. Controversy for the sake of the truth is a Divine command.” Great quote. Great truth.

Yes, on my radio show I do say things which may deemed as controversial. But what is the motive behind the controversy? Shock therapy for the truth to penetrate! People have become so immune and casual regarding truth that unless you get “in their face” with it most of them miss it.

Speaking of Christ in public in the United States today is considered controversial by many. Does that mean I should keep silent so that I do not offend them?

Joining Christian belief and practice with political agendas and social issues is considered controversial. Should I stay silent about abortion, homosexuality, or any subject that may considered to be too touchy?

Sorry but I am Christian AND Walt Braemer’s son. That means I will speak LOUD – LONG – LASTING on what I believe and why. And if I need to grab your attention in a manner considered controversial (as long as I do not violate Biblical morality to do it) then I am going to. Period. I fear not speaking up and speaking out more than I do upsetting the brethren or passive people.

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