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One of the hardest hurdles every Christian must jump over is the hurdle of judgment. We make immediate decisions based on sight and not insight. What’s the difference?
Sight is simply what see on the outside. Insight is what see and know about what we’re looking at. We see someone we don’t really know and aren’t comfortable with how they look so we form an immediate opinion … a judgment based… on sight. We get to know that person and discover some things about their personality and character only to discover they are not what we thought based on appearance alone. We gain insight.
That works positive and negative.
I have seen people who looked polished, professional, and together who turned out about to be disasters. I have seen people who wear styles I would not wear, have convictions different than mine, and carry themselves differently than I do who proved to be incredible dedicated Christians. Let’s all -talking to me as well- take a moment when we initially see someone we don’t know to gain some insight before making a final judgment.  It can save us the embarassment of endorsing the wrong person or condemning the wrong person.
Hindsight can sometimes be too late.
I’m Pastor Marty
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