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October 9, 2013

Well, the President (who says he refuses to negotiate with the Republican terrorists) called a Press Conference on Tuesday. Do you know why? Because this shutdown of his is back firing! For the first time he is not able to disassociate himself from his own mess. He’s now off his game and it’s sad, funny, […]

Will Boehner and the GOP House stand strong? ARE YOU KIDDING????

September 28, 2013

After Senator Ted Cruz made an attempt to make a reasoned case to the American people to defund Obamacare … Harry Reid shut him down after just 21 hours. Now House Speaker Boehner has said he will pass the stop gap spending measure (more credit and expansion of the debt ceiling – what’s another a […]


May 21, 2013

I want to take a moment and address the liberal readers of my blog. Normally you read this looking for things to criticize about my “unfair” treatment of the POTUS and his policies. Question: how does it feel being on the receiving end of his ignoring Constitutional rights? You hailed him for being proactive in […]


May 7, 2013

With the pundints scratching their heads and asking all the wrong questions regarding Benghazi they have lost the forest for the trees. It was election time. One of the POTUS Obama campaign issues was how his administration had broken the back of Al Qeda and had them on the run. On the night of September […]

“You have the right…” NO RIGHTS!

April 25, 2013

4 Americans dead. Another 170 wounded (some permenately). The Boston police did an incredible job finding the scumbags who plotted and carried out this overt Act of Terrorism. Last Friday (4/15/13) Islamic Terrorist # 1 Tamerlan Tsarnev – Russian jihadist import – was shot and killed thus ending his miserable existence and increasing the public safety […]


February 27, 2013

The GOP pundints are going out of their minds over the onslaught of POTUS Obama’s wave of lies and distortions regarding the sequester. Why be shocked? Garbage in … garbage out.


February 13, 2013

The POTUS, Barrack Obama, delivered his fourth State of the Union address last night. It can be summed with one word: MORE. MORE taxes. MORE spending. MORE government programs. MORE regulations. It’s MORE of the wrong stuff. Painting Republicans as obstructionists and demanding they get out of his way so that his agenda can fly through […]


February 11, 2013

From the President who never met an illegal alien he didn’t want to grant amnesty and welfare to along with non citizen voting rights has apparently drawn a line in the sand with Americans he deems a “threat” to us… LICENSED TO KILL Well, at least you’ll have free contraceptives and healthcare. BUT keep your ideology […]


February 5, 2013

You know you live in a country run by idiots when you can be arressted for driving with an expired license but not being in the country illegeally. You know you live in a country run by idiots when the government believes the best way to erase trillions of dollars of debt is to spend […]


February 2, 2013

Most of us can remember watching Sheriff Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bea live their Americanna lives in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. Barney was the comic relief around an ensemble of lovable country folk like Floyd, Goober, and Gomer. Looking at those shows we see traditonal values, moral life lessons, and American patriotism. But […]