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December 7, 2013

Nelson Mandella was a Communist. Period. Yesterday Bill O’Reilly in an random moment of actual conservative truthful commentary reminded everyone of that fact. Today he is softening his position by also emphasizing he was a ‘great’ man. What has actually happened in South Africa since his world induced peacefully pressured PC release from prison and […]

Megyn Kelly Is Not Ready for Primetime (unless it’s adult pay-per-view)

October 8, 2013

Since the Election Night Disaster of 2012 the 24 hours “news” media channels have been in a tail spin to keep and attract viewers. FOX NEWS dumped half their paid contributors who were deemed too conservative. Any conservative who thinks Fox News Channel is fair, balanced, and represents their point of view – FORGET IT! […]


April 10, 2013

So where’s Pastor Marty and why isn’t he running his mouth or ranting this week? He is … but on radio only. A new blog scortching PHONY conservative media icon Bill “Lunatic” O’Reilly will be released by week’s end. Let me warn you ahead of time … Pastor Marty pulls no punches. He takes the […]


April 5, 2013

  After a full week of being threatened by crazies in North Korea, insulted by Billy O’Reilly as being a thumper, and watching elected officials explain that their trouncing of the 2nd ammendment is not a violation of our constitutional rights. Oooookaaay… Let’s just have fun. No politics. No news. Just great laughs with Jim […]