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After Senator Ted Cruz made an attempt to make a reasoned case to the American people to defund Obamacare … Harry Reid shut him down after just 21 hours. Now House Speaker Boehner has said he will pass the stop gap spending measure (more credit and expansion of the debt ceiling – what’s another a trillion or two of debt?) BUT will delay funding Obamacare. Democrats say the won’t vote for it thus creating a government shut down.

So the libs will blackmail the wimpy GOP who want to be liked. The conservatives within the GOP are muzzled, muted, and emasculated. Boehner will cave (as usual) and the moderate elite GOP will protect the status quo and YOU lose – AGAIN!

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I’m Pastor Marty MARTY BLACK 2


Okay, so I was reading another pastor’s FB page and he was “scolding” people over the immigration issue. His premiss was: 1. Illegals will do the work lazy citizens won’t do 2. Immigrants means God has brought the mission field here 3. Get over lily white Americana, it’s over and you are a bigot.

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Every Labor Day Weekend we load up the family mini van and head to Daytona Beach for a couples day of fun in the sun. This year was no exception. Along with the usual stuff of going to the beach, swimming, eating at new places … we also visit a different church each year. We try a worship style a little different than what we normally experience. Sometimes you can learn something.

I picked an evangelical free church. The worship style was very different and the teaching was very classroom oriented and not really church expressive.

As I sat there I do what I do in a new place … I look around. The ceiling caught my attention. This was a newer style building and was decorated very modern and tasteful but that ceiling, WOW! It had a serious Florida problem. Because the AC ducts ran through the ceiling … moisture. Lots of mold and mildew stains.

Once I noticed that it detracted from the rest of the decorum of the building. I am sure most of the members including the pastoral and elder leadership of that church don’t notice. Or if they do it is shrugged off because they are simply used to it. Looking up caused me to see it. I changed my normal view and position while sitting in church. That caused me to see things differently. It changed my perspective.

I have changed my position in life as well. I went from being a Senior Pastor in a church to being an associate. That change position is also an incredible change in perspective. I see things and people very differently now.

It’s good to change positions and see things in a new light. It will change your perspective and, if done correctly, your effectiveness.

That’s my Life Thought. I’m Pastor Marty.

One of the hardest hurdles every Christian must jump over is the hurdle of judgment. We make immediate decisions based on sight and not insight. What’s the difference?
Sight is simply what see on the outside. Insight is what see and know about what we’re looking at. We see someone we don’t really know and aren’t comfortable with how they look so we form an immediate opinion … a judgment based… on sight. We get to know that person and discover some things about their personality and character only to discover they are not what we thought based on appearance alone. We gain insight.
That works positive and negative.
I have seen people who looked polished, professional, and together who turned out about to be disasters. I have seen people who wear styles I would not wear, have convictions different than mine, and carry themselves differently than I do who proved to be incredible dedicated Christians. Let’s all -talking to me as well- take a moment when we initially see someone we don’t know to gain some insight before making a final judgment.  It can save us the embarassment of endorsing the wrong person or condemning the wrong person.
Hindsight can sometimes be too late.
I’m Pastor Marty

aquittedTIn February 2012 Treyvon Martin lost his life in what the local police in Sanford, Florida deemed as self defense by George Zimmerman. It caught media attention as a White On Black attack crime, Al Sharpton and the other paid aggitators who have millions exploiting and pimping people within their own race, liberal progressives, DOJ, and the Obama administration brought pressure for their to be an arrest and a case. On that day – George Zimmerman lost his life. Yes, you read that correctly.

The media tried and convicted him before the actual trial ever began. Slowly facts began to drip out like George Zimmerman is actually Hispanic not White. Soooo, the son of a mixed race marriage is a biggot? He profiled black teens while also giving financial assistence to black youth? The prosecution withheld evidence (I am sure in the coming months we learn more and more of the games and tricks they played) and did everything within their power to make this about race. Their case can be summed up this way: We have a dead black teenager. Convict Zimmerman for it.

George Zimmerman was potrayed as a killer, a wannabe cop and serial stalker, and as a profiling biggot. When Zimmerman was first arrested and the media was making this a total circus. Spike Lee and others tweeted his address only for it to be wrong and innocent people harassed with death threats. The jury never really got to hear about the character of Trayvon Martin but Zimmerman’s was skewered and trashed and maligned. As Hollywood movie stars and others continue to trash Zimmerman on Twitter and the Department of Justice decides whether to proceed in federal court with civil rights violations against George Zimmerman, something has been lost. Treyvon’s death was tragic. Zimmerman’s slow death is a travesty.

He cannot enjoy being aquitted because he’s not free. Where can he ever go? What could he ever do for a job? As a criminal Attorney General (Eric Holder) determines how to go after a man pronounced innocent by a jury of his peers and liberals feed the racial divide fires with more rhetoric … George Zimmerman has lost his life forever.

It was a dark rainy night. Treyvon walked to the store with his hoodie up. Nothing illegal about it. Zimmerman saw him and asked why he was in the neighborhood. Nothing illegal about that. This was neighborhood which had had several break ins by youth (many wearing hoodies) so a watch group was formed. Yes, George was armed – LEGALLY! A fight began and Treyvon did not stop and did not allow George up from the ground. Zimmerman screamed for help repeatedly and feared for his life to the point of using deadly force. The young man thought he beating on a wimp and refused to relent. It proved to be a fatal mistake. It’s tragic. Our hearts grieve for his mother and father and loved ones. BUT he created a situation which brought tragic results. No different than a teenager who parties and decides to drive under the influence and ends up dead. Do we imprison the car? Treyvon made a decision to push it with Zimmerman. That decision bore an eternal result.

The media and polticians made this about race.

If George Zimmerman had been black …. you would never have known Treyvon’s name. Chicago has 5000 dead black youth at the hands of other black individuals. Except for Michelle Obama’s outrage at guns … the killers are never exposed or made public. Had Zimmerman been black he would have been treated for his injuries and sent home as defending his life. EXACTLY what the Sanford Police did. BUT then race baiters and politics got into it. THAT DAY Zimmerman lost his life.

Yes, I feel bad for the Martin family. I feel equally as bad for George Zimmerman as well. Unless leaves the country he will forever be a prisoner within his own home never to have a life that is free.

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be-drivenDRIVEN … it’s been the buzz word for few years with regards to personal achivement, success, and even Christian growth.

Is it practical? Is it applicable? Is it Biblical? To simply be purpose driven is pointless unless you are pursuing the purpose for which God created you.

1) Pursue God – those that seek Me shall find Me

2) Pursue God’s Purpose for YouI have come to do the will of He who sent me

3) Driven to Pursue His PurposeI have set my face like a flint … as Paul said having put my hand to the plow and not looking back I will finish my course.

Let the Spirit lead to the place where God can reveal His purpose to you. Then you must choose whether to follow and pursue.

I’m Pastor Marty and this is your Sunday Minute Muse



Whistleblower Edward SnowdenThe spin has begun as  Edward Snowden is being portrayed as a double agent “spy” selling out American security. Don’t be snowed.

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After having been in reruns for a week … I am champing at the bit to get on the air today.

In other news… to the people defending Pastor Breaking & Entering, don’t be snowed. His internet support group laments how “badly” he’s being treated from the church he was ousted from. Really? You’ve been there? You know personally the people involved? You’ve talked to THEM? Yet, you’re defending someone you’ve also NEVER met. LOL

You “think” you know someone based on social media friendships??? That doesn’t pass the laugh test. In a message I preached last night I made a side point about not taking on the offenses of others. One of the reasons (I gave several) … the person you’re defending may be an idiot.

I wonder if this band of supporters will speak up when his next place of service lets him go?

His defenders scratch their heads that he’s being kicked out by people he “rescued” from the clutches of a vulture. The problem … it’s pure fiction. He rescued no one but created his own multiple messes by tearing down what others had done. That recipe works at first when people are upset … BUT people get over things. They forgive. They move on. He was warned by many pastors across the country – build something. Instead he tried to keep the people upset with the previous pastor. Well, they got over their hurt. They compared the previous pastor’s fifteen years of building, birthing, growing, and evolving to his four year spiral of slashing ministries, stopping programs, running people off and draging people into a restrictive form legalism.

The previous pastor offered to meet with him several times. Arrogantly he rejected it. Ooookay, well the very things the previous pastor told him would happen did.

In short, these are self inflicted wounds he created.

Why am I writing this? As he solicits sympathy and donations … it should be pointed out that his financial issues precede his time as a pastor. As his forum fan club skewer his former ministry over money … they may want to find out more details before offering a defense without varification.

Don’t be snowed. Two ministries have relieved him of his duties. There is a pattern of behavior that is his to own. Excuses, passing blame, superficial internet friendships … the quick sand is picking up speed. Truth crushed to earth will rise again.

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act_lebron_james The Miami Heat win back-to-back championships after the officials hand them Game 6 to force a final showdown against the Spurrs on Thursday night (gotta make those advertising dollars).

 Bottom line… Lebron James whined and cried to the refs to secure another win. YAWN



cheneyLast week on air on the DRIVE @ 5 I warned you what was going to happen to Edward Snowden. The propoganda and spin was going to be two fold:

First – we would start seeing all kinds of news stories of how the NSA has stopped terrorist plots here in the US because of their spying methods.

Second – they would start reporting things about Snowden to tear down his character and credibility.

Over the weekend former Vice President Dick Cheney “praised” the Obama administration and called Edward Snowden a “traitor” to the United States. The Bible warns us that in the last days evil will be called good and good will be called evil. Hey kids, welcome to the final countdown.

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Hmmm...There are people who say, “Marty Braemer doesn’t matter.” I’m okay with that. It’s just another Christmas present I won’t be getting.

But to those people I don’t matter to … they seem to never run out of things to say about me. LOL

I guess I do matter.

As they post about me, ponder about me, and pontificate about me I can’t help but wonder … why do I matter to them?

It’s one of those great mysteries we may never know. But one thing I do know … there are people who matter to me. I want to make sure that I matter to them. The others… love me, leave me, or hate me … too bad they cannot ignore me. =)

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