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BOB COSTAS With the looming economic crisis hanging over our heads courtesy of Washington D.C., what’s on Bob Costa’s mind? The name: Redskins for the Washington football team. Really? On Sunday, October 13 during the Cowboys – Redskins half time report Costas went on a rant about the Redskins name being demeaning to Native Americans. He admitted no Native Americans have protested the name nor boycotted the team. In fact, many have played for the franchise and are loyal fans.

So what’s Bob’s beef? Bob cannot seperate his politics from sports. Whether it’s an anti gun rant or some other leftist bleeding heart dribble stumbling out of his mouth Bob want his views heard during basketball, football, whatever. It’s sad.

If the owner of the Redskins really wanted to change their team he should drop Washington since that’s the real embarrassment.

Rush Limbaugh was let go by ESPN for being too political. But hard up NBC and the official network of the Obama administration allow Bobby to spew his asinine nonsense unfettered.

I love politics. I host a politcal radio show where I discuss politics. I also host an inspirational devotional show. No politics there. I also host an oldies show. No politics there either. It’s call appropriateness for the audience. In short… professionalism. Costas lacks integrity and professionalism by taking advantabge of a “captive” audience who thought they were watching an NFL half time game report only to get a political agenda thrust at them. If Bob wants to do politics then give up the sports gig and go over to MSNBC and host a political commentary show.

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