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ObamaRansomHostagePIX Well, the President (who says he refuses to negotiate with the Republican terrorists) called a Press Conference on Tuesday. Do you know why? Because this shutdown of his is back firing! For the first time he is not able to disassociate himself from his own mess. He’s now off his game and it’s sad, funny, and scary all at the same time. Instead of being cool and calm, he’s grabby and desperate.

Rush Limbaugh took the airwaves with his perspective of the PC. Here’s a portion-

RUSH LIMBAUGH – You know, I just listened to a little bit of Obama at his press conference, and it is obvious that you didn’t get scared enough over what the Republicans are trying to do with the shutdown and Obamacare. So now he’s really piling it on in this thing, and it is so over the top. And, folks, what he said is just not true. I mean, from start to finish, what he said about the debt limit is not true. The Republicans have got to come out when this is over, somebody has to go to a microphone and correct this ASAP.

He’s using words like “nuclear bomb,” “hold hostage.” He said, “The American people don’t get to demand a ransom when they have to pay their mortgage.” The American people also don’t get to pay their mortgage by raising their debt limit and going to the Fed, Mr. President, and having them print money for it.

The purpose of this press conference was for Obama to repeat two words for one hour: “ransom” and “hostage” and attach them to the Republicans. That’s the only reason for this thing.

Read the full transcript here:

Kuddos to House Speaker John Boehner (I am no fan of his) who demonstrated backbone, character, and the ability to land a punch in his follow up address.

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