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Megyn Kelly Is Not Ready for Primetime (unless it’s adult pay-per-view)

kelly 1 Since the Election Night Disaster of 2012 the 24 hours “news” media channels have been in a tail spin to keep and attract viewers. FOX NEWS dumped half their paid contributors who were deemed too conservative. Any conservative who thinks Fox News Channel is fair, balanced, and represents their point of view – FORGET IT! Their daytime line up would fit in on OWN (Oprah’s Channel). Shepard Smith is awful, The Five are a joke that isn’t funny, and Bret Bair still looks like he’s in Junior High School and is definitely in over his head.

Megyn Kelly had an afternoon time slot that featured her face, her legs, and her blonde ignorance. Trying desperately to shed her Barbie Doll on TV image she did this photo spread- kelly 2

There you go… why didn’t Cronkite do that to be taken seriously as a TV news anchor?

The credibility factor of Fox News is gone. In her debut telecast last night she (Kelly) shouted in the intro. Apparently she was trying to be the female Chris Matthews. She tried to portray Ted Cruz as a right wing nut and then did real hard hitting journalism with her self indulgent tribute to herself, her softball interview with the family members of the woman the DC police shot, and her puff piece chat with the Five. This is news? These are the events that shape our lives? So this is the Fox News Channel answer to Rachel Maddow and Piers Morgan? UNBELIEVABLE. Gretta would have been better at 9 than Kelly and I am no Gretta fan. At least she tracks some real stories.

Maybe they felt Hannity had lost his touch. Personally, I thought his best work was when he was co-hosting with Alan Colmes. The back and forth was great. Sean has 4 or 5 motto mantras that he repeats over and over and over during his radio show and then on TV. They last a few days and then he gets a new set of lines. But I do believe he’s a Conservative. Bill O’Reilly is a complete fraud. He plays the conservative on TV and works the conservative evangelical audience masterfully. His ghost written books (light on historical accuracy), his No Spin merchandise cheesy products, and “regular guy” persona are all phony.

At least Hannity pounded this administration over Benghazi, Obamacare, Stimulus, Spying, and other hot button issues that actually effect Americans … Megyn Kelly is there to look pretty and give O’Reilly something to smile about when he intros her. I guess the Fox News front office thinks the best to combat Piers and Maddow is offer their own version of the SAME THING!

She cannot be taken seriously as a news commentator. Maybe she can get a news gig on the Playboy channel. At least the bunny ears would give her some amount of respectability.

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