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obamacare-logo It was the official unveiling of Obamacare online this week and the result: ERROR – This Site Is Closed for Repair!

Pardon me for a momment -pause- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

After ramming it down our throats, forcing it on us, and mandating we buy it or else … IT DOESN’T WORK. Only liberal socialists can come up with this stuff. President Obama’s lame spin, “It’s so popular the server cannot handle the millions of enthusiastic consumers.” Reality check -come back to planet logic, Mr. President – millions of people feel like they have a gun to their head and think they MUST buy it!

Once again the government demonstrates why it is incompetent and not ready for primetime. Did Team O hire people from Google or Amazon or iTunes who designed systems to handle millions of people at once? Oooops, that would be too sensible. Too easy. Team O hired kool aid drinkers with AA degrees in Computer Tech 101 but no real experience. LOL

Let Bill Gates’ team design it or Zucker-his-name from Facebook. WOW – if they cannot launch the website (even I have uploaded websites) do we really have confidence it’s hacker proof and our information is safe and secure? Do we really have any confidence that IF they mail us an “insurance” card it will actually work or cover anything or be honored anywhere?

All I can say … this makes the Republicans’ look like prophets. So the Obamacare site is closed for repairs. Keep the government closed, too – it doesn’t work either.

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