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WALTER A man asked me this week if I believed it was wrong for pastors to be controversial. He had taken exception with a picture I posted of President Obama. As I thought of his question throughout the day the Lord reminded of a statement made by the late Dr. Walter Martin, director of the Christian Research Institute, once wrote “Controversy for the sake controversy is a sin. Controversy for the sake of the truth is a Divine command.” Great quote. Great truth.

Yes, on my radio show I do say things which may deemed as controversial. But what is the motive behind the controversy? Shock therapy for the truth to penetrate! People have become so immune and casual regarding truth that unless you get “in their face” with it most of them miss it.

Speaking of Christ in public in the United States today is considered controversial by many. Does that mean I should keep silent so that I do not offend them?

Joining Christian belief and practice with political agendas and social issues is considered controversial. Should I stay silent about abortion, homosexuality, or any subject that may considered to be too touchy?

Sorry but I am Christian AND Walt Braemer’s son. That means I will speak LOUD – LONG – LASTING on what I believe and why. And if I need to grab your attention in a manner considered controversial (as long as I do not violate Biblical morality to do it) then I am going to. Period. I fear not speaking up and speaking out more than I do upsetting the brethren or passive people.

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