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September 30, 2013

A man asked me this week if I believed it was wrong for pastors to be controversial. He had taken exception with a picture I posted of President Obama. As I thought of his question throughout the day the Lord reminded of a statement made by the late Dr. Walter Martin, director of the Christian […]

Will Boehner and the GOP House stand strong? ARE YOU KIDDING????

September 28, 2013

After Senator Ted Cruz made an attempt to make a reasoned case to the American people to defund Obamacare … Harry Reid shut him down after just 21 hours. Now House Speaker Boehner has said he will pass the stop gap spending measure (more credit and expansion of the debt ceiling – what’s another a […]


September 17, 2013

Okay, so I was reading another pastor’s FB page and he was “scolding” people over the immigration issue. His premiss was: 1. Illegals will do the work lazy citizens won’t do 2. Immigrants means God has brought the mission field here 3. Get over lily white Americana, it’s over and you are a bigot. Hear […]


September 2, 2013

Every Labor Day Weekend we load up the family mini van and head to Daytona Beach for a couples day of fun in the sun. This year was no exception. Along with the usual stuff of going to the beach, swimming, eating at new places … we also visit a different church each year. We […]