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aquittedTIn February 2012 Treyvon Martin lost his life in what the local police in Sanford, Florida deemed as self defense by George Zimmerman. It caught media attention as a White On Black attack crime, Al Sharpton and the other paid aggitators who have millions exploiting and pimping people within their own race, liberal progressives, DOJ, and the Obama administration brought pressure for their to be an arrest and a case. On that day – George Zimmerman lost his life. Yes, you read that correctly.

The media tried and convicted him before the actual trial ever began. Slowly facts began to drip out like George Zimmerman is actually Hispanic not White. Soooo, the son of a mixed race marriage is a biggot? He profiled black teens while also giving financial assistence to black youth? The prosecution withheld evidence (I am sure in the coming months we learn more and more of the games and tricks they played) and did everything within their power to make this about race. Their case can be summed up this way: We have a dead black teenager. Convict Zimmerman for it.

George Zimmerman was potrayed as a killer, a wannabe cop and serial stalker, and as a profiling biggot. When Zimmerman was first arrested and the media was making this a total circus. Spike Lee and others tweeted his address only for it to be wrong and innocent people harassed with death threats. The jury never really got to hear about the character of Trayvon Martin but Zimmerman’s was skewered and trashed and maligned. As Hollywood movie stars and others continue to trash Zimmerman on Twitter and the Department of Justice decides whether to proceed in federal court with civil rights violations against George Zimmerman, something has been lost. Treyvon’s death was tragic. Zimmerman’s slow death is a travesty.

He cannot enjoy being aquitted because he’s not free. Where can he ever go? What could he ever do for a job? As a criminal Attorney General (Eric Holder) determines how to go after a man pronounced innocent by a jury of his peers and liberals feed the racial divide fires with more rhetoric … George Zimmerman has lost his life forever.

It was a dark rainy night. Treyvon walked to the store with his hoodie up. Nothing illegal about it. Zimmerman saw him and asked why he was in the neighborhood. Nothing illegal about that. This was neighborhood which had had several break ins by youth (many wearing hoodies) so a watch group was formed. Yes, George was armed – LEGALLY! A fight began and Treyvon did not stop and did not allow George up from the ground. Zimmerman screamed for help repeatedly and feared for his life to the point of using deadly force. The young man thought he beating on a wimp and refused to relent. It proved to be a fatal mistake. It’s tragic. Our hearts grieve for his mother and father and loved ones. BUT he created a situation which brought tragic results. No different than a teenager who parties and decides to drive under the influence and ends up dead. Do we imprison the car? Treyvon made a decision to push it with Zimmerman. That decision bore an eternal result.

The media and polticians made this about race.

If George Zimmerman had been black …. you would never have known Treyvon’s name. Chicago has 5000 dead black youth at the hands of other black individuals. Except for Michelle Obama’s outrage at guns … the killers are never exposed or made public. Had Zimmerman been black he would have been treated for his injuries and sent home as defending his life. EXACTLY what the Sanford Police did. BUT then race baiters and politics got into it. THAT DAY Zimmerman lost his life.

Yes, I feel bad for the Martin family. I feel equally as bad for George Zimmerman as well. Unless leaves the country he will forever be a prisoner within his own home never to have a life that is free.

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