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Whistleblower Edward SnowdenThe spin has begun as  Edward Snowden is being portrayed as a double agent “spy” selling out American security. Don’t be snowed.

I am LIVE on the DRIVE @ 5 today … full commentary. 5PM (EST)

After having been in reruns for a week … I am champing at the bit to get on the air today.

In other news… to the people defending Pastor Breaking & Entering, don’t be snowed. His internet support group laments how “badly” he’s being treated from the church he was ousted from. Really? You’ve been there? You know personally the people involved? You’ve talked to THEM? Yet, you’re defending someone you’ve also NEVER met. LOL

You “think” you know someone based on social media friendships??? That doesn’t pass the laugh test. In a message I preached last night I made a side point about not taking on the offenses of others. One of the reasons (I gave several) … the person you’re defending may be an idiot.

I wonder if this band of supporters will speak up when his next place of service lets him go?

His defenders scratch their heads that he’s being kicked out by people he “rescued” from the clutches of a vulture. The problem … it’s pure fiction. He rescued no one but created his own multiple messes by tearing down what others had done. That recipe works at first when people are upset … BUT people get over things. They forgive. They move on. He was warned by many pastors across the country – build something. Instead he tried to keep the people upset with the previous pastor. Well, they got over their hurt. They compared the previous pastor’s fifteen years of building, birthing, growing, and evolving to his four year spiral of slashing ministries, stopping programs, running people off and draging people into a restrictive form legalism.

The previous pastor offered to meet with him several times. Arrogantly he rejected it. Ooookay, well the very things the previous pastor told him would happen did.

In short, these are self inflicted wounds he created.

Why am I writing this? As he solicits sympathy and donations … it should be pointed out that his financial issues precede his time as a pastor. As his forum fan club skewer his former ministry over money … they may want to find out more details before offering a defense without varification.

Don’t be snowed. Two ministries have relieved him of his duties. There is a pattern of behavior that is his to own. Excuses, passing blame, superficial internet friendships … the quick sand is picking up speed. Truth crushed to earth will rise again.

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