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STUFFI know. I know. I have not been blogging on a regular basis. Producing a daily radio show with fresh, relevent material and now also producing a weekly 2 hour radio show which has gone viral has been extremely time consuming along with my ministry duties and responsibilites. Sooo when something needed to be pushed down on the priority list … I chose the blog since I pontificate on the air and on FB.

But in recent days some things have popped up so here’s my This & That variety blog posting.

On June 12th my wife and I celebrated twenty years of marriage. Perfect years? No. Up’s and down’s and trials and problems? Yes. She co-hosted my radio show on Wednesday this week and our topic: Marriage. She is an example of virtue, love, and loyalty despite all of my faults, failures, and sins. Listener response via email, text messaging, and online was tremendous. It was totally unplanned, spur of the moment BUT proved to be a help and blessing to many, many real people facing real problems who have grown tired and weary of both secular “excuse” oriented counsel and hyper judgmental, phony holier-than-thou spiritual counsel. People now see through the masked “Christian” pride( I am better than you because I have never sinned like that) arrogance for what it is – blatant hypocrisy and false reality. The same voices lecturing these people on their sins have their own messes which they fail to address or even acknowledge. I am so blessed and thankful that God has allowed my wife and I to be even a small help to people.

I have a dog that barks and goes nuts when I pull in the driveway. Last night someone went through our three cars and the dog never made a wimper. WHAT’S THAT ABOUT??? Nothing was taken or destroyed but the intruder(s) wanted us to know they had been in our cars. It was probably kids but it is still a creeped out feeling to know that just several feet from where we were sleeping, someone who didn’t belong here was making his presence known among our things.

Yes, there is all the political fall out over the IRS auditing conservative groups (I got audited one month before the election …. gee, that was exactly 3 weeks after my talk show went national … coincidence? I think not). Then we have the DOJ collecting data on Verizon customers (Yup, I am one), Google users (guilty) and Facebook (bingo). Notice how at first the media was “outraged” the DOJ had “spied” on reporters at the AP. Then Edward Snowden was a hero and a patriot. Now the propoganda machine is going to work publishing the narrative … all these wire taps have saved lives – terrorist plots thwarted – we are safer and Snowden is a spy. Um, has anyone noticed we have traded freedom for a false sense of secuirty? Remember (here comes a radio rant) … a free people can insure their own safety. Safe people lacking freedom are prisoners. 😉 Chew on that until the DRIVE returns on June 24th from summer reruns this week.

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend in the ministry. After small talk and catching up he asked for my reaction to a forum thread about a pastor I blogged about. I had no initial reaction since I had not read the thread or even knew of its existence until his call. So last night I read it. It was pointless to go on there and refute or correct the misinformation. No, I have no intention or interest in going point by point here where they are factually wrong and have lied -either knowingly or mistakenly. The tarheel country pastor leading the charge is an absolute disgrace. Never once has he contacted me or anyone else personally involved with the situation there. He has taken on the offense (unscriptural to do so) of another (the ‘victim’ pastor spoon feeding him slanted information). His amateur hour antics actually drew attention to it. So, in helping his friend he actually did more damage than what he is accusing everyone else involved of doing. Go figure.

On the lighter side of life… my family have been lending their voices to my radio show content. It’s fun serving with them. Between speaking engagements (secular and church), administration duties, ministry responsibilities, coaching, and other venues like marketing, promotion, graphic design … it’s a busy but fruitful life. I enjoy using what God has given me. I am blessed beyond belief that He is God who loves, forgives, and restores.



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