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Burglar-002“He no respect for the Lord or anyone else … he only thinks about himself,” commented a church member after learning their former pastor had broken into the church. Members met to discuss the possibility of calling police to press charges following the tresspass. The pastor had been informed by the board of trustees that the locks were being changed following his last Sunday of duties. They agreed on a night and time to meet to help him gather personal things out of the office. He called them the next day and told them he was too tired to meet that night.

At the next church service the board discovered he had broken into the church and emptied the office of its contents.

Apparently he argued with them that he had thirty days to remove his things. Actually, no. A church can certainly grant an outgoing pastor as much time as they deem to allow him to vacate church owned housing, offices, and etc. But they usually happens when the pastor is leaving on good terms and was well loved. This pastor was leaving under very stressful conditions and members were and are angry. By law he has thirty days (like a renter) to vacate housing but his office … they could have thrown his things out onto the lawn if they had chosen to.

The issue is simple. They changed the locks and informed him he would need to go through the board to get into the main church building to gather his belongings. He disgarded their directive and violated the law. Yes, they could have had him arrested. No, they will not. Why? They have chosen to turn the other cheek and practice the biblical principles he spoke of but lacks practice in.

With his hand out he has pleaded with members for additional monies to move. Sadly, it’s like black mail. “Want me gone … pay me!” He has turned the sympathy story toward his preacher brethren of the northeast to work them for money and job offers. IF those men have any discretion or character they really should contact one of the board members for the other side of the propaganda they have been spoon fed by this individual.

Oh, for those who think I may be writing about ______________________, you’re RIGHT!

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