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baseball-steroidsMost of us remembering seeing some of MLB’s elite players out of uniform and in business suits accompanied by top dollar lawyers to testify before Congress regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs …  steroids.

MLB was cracking down. Penalities would be swift and decisive.

Remember the summer Sammy Sosa (Chicago Cubs) and Mark Mcwire (St. Louis Cardinals) were both racing to beat Roger Maris’ home run record of 61? Baseball’s home run record was a cherished honor. Until Babe Ruth came along, the home run was almost non existent. When the Babe set the record at 60 in 1927 everyone thought it would be set for life. Well, Roger Maris beat it 34 years later in 1961. Maris’ record stood until 1998 when Mark Mcgwire hit 70 home runs. Barry Bonds took it from him in 2001 with 73 home runs. That’s when people began to realize something was amiss. First new baseballs and bats were blamed. MLB desperate to prove it had nothing do with altering the game the subject of steroids was hinted at it. I don’t think anyone within the MLB thought the public would backlash as they did BUT we did backlash!

Why? A record stands for 34 years until it’s broken in 1961. Then it is broken 37 years later. Okay. Records are set to be broken. But then it was broken 3 years later??? Single season home runs started being racked up like the high score on a video game.

Then we find out the home run heroes (Sosa, Bonds, Mcgwire) were on steroids. Soooo, baseball won’t allow Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame because he bet on his own team. But Mcgwire and Bonds cheated their way into the record books and they get to keep the titles????

Now the MLB is bracing for another BIG dope scandal involving up to 20 players including A-Rod from the bought and paid for poster team of buying championships, the New York Yankees!

Let’s stop beating around the bush on this. Strip Bond and Mcgwire of the title …. give it back to Roger Maris who accomplished it without drugs. Make sure the MLB gets punished as well. Why? Players pay, continued play, and fan turnout is placed on the players production. The pressure to perform EVERYDAY is unbelievable. That pressure comes from MLB itself. I am not saying nor advocating allowing the guilty players to skate. But MLB shouldn’t skate either. They were the last big sport to screen for drugs. They dragged their feet and were denial for years. Start stripping teams of titles and championships that had players using steroids during those seasons. THAT will get everyone’s attention.

Right now Yankee fans are disappointed in A-Rod who is facing a 100 game suspension (he’s already out with an injury). Take their 2009 championship away and watch how quickly EVERYONE And if one team demonstrates it is lax on enforcement … remove them from MLB competition.

Either get serious or let them dope. STOP the dog and pony show.


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