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duck-dynasty-16Can someone please explain the appeal of Duck Dynasty to me … pleaase? I have watched about 3 or 4 episodes and don’t get it. I got American Chopper. I understand Swamp People. I have been mildly amused and entertained by Storage Wars. I became addicted to Gold Rush. I have been shocked by Honey Boo Boo and even ticked off over Dance Moms. But I simply do not get Duck Dynasty.

It is obviously staged. You do not build a multi-million dollar business by being stupid. The stunts, gags, and story set ups are scripted.

I guess my perplexity is why Duck Dynasty? Why has it become such a huge hit?

The only explanation that makes any sense to me is simply that with everything going from our economic collapse, people losing jobs and homes, Obamacare wiping out their assets and health insurance, the IRS auditing us if we espouse the “wrong” political views, the DOJ listening to our phone calls and reading our emails, and an administration refusing to take responsibility for dead Americans in Benghazi … the panic attacked American public cannot wrap its head around any more scandal, coverup, or abuse of power soooo DD becomes a thirty minute diversion from reality. The other explanation frightens me.

Could it be we have truly become this simple? Could it be the majority of Americans have completely checked out from thinking and aspire to this type of entertainment and view of success?

WOW … just thinking about it makes my head hurt. Time to go watch something educational and mind building …. Flipping Boston here I come.

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