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AP-DOJ-photo1I want to take a moment and address the liberal readers of my blog. Normally you read this looking for things to criticize about my “unfair” treatment of the POTUS and his policies. Question: how does it feel being on the receiving end of his ignoring Constitutional rights?

You hailed him for being proactive in taking “sweeping” steps on proposed Gun Control legislation following the Newtown school shootings. Who cared if the second ammendment was being swept aside … we would be “safer” and safety trumps the Constitution.  Did it really matter that criminals don’t submit to background checks before purchasing fire arms so more background checks would NOT make us safer BUT it would provide the Government with a list of names, addresses, and weapons for confiscation when it comes to that….

You, speaking of you progressive, liberal minded people, were fine with OUR rights being trampled. BUT NOW you have discovered this Administration is not interested in your rights either. LOL

Make no mistake… the Administration directed the Department of Justice (Eric –In Contempt of Congress– Holder) to find out what the media knew about them. Phone taps at the office and on private residences, email taps, cell phone taps, and more. Now it not only involves the Associated Press but Fox News as well. Liberals looooove the fantasy of a free press. To think your guy wants it muzzled and not just the evil Conservative media like me or Rush Limbaugh but even the mainstream media. It’s not enough they carry his water and have given him free passes (until now) on Benghazi and provide positive press BUT now anytime they report a legitimate news story they are deemed as enemies of the state to be monitored and prosecuted. WOW.

You act shocked. Why? If he (speaking of Barry Obama) is willing to trample the 2nd ammendment why wouldn’t he trample the 1st one as well? In fact, why not trash all of it? Oh, wait … that’s already in process. Pardon me while I sit back and laugh while I watch liberal lap dog media people and flamingly stupid voters go insane as they  are watching this Administration target people throught the IRS and muting speech. Yup, you are no more important than a vile “conservative” person. You are nothing but a worker ant and Queen Obama will never allow desent without threats, intimidation, audits, taps, and controlled speech. Welcome to  Obamarica. DRIVE 5 LOGO

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