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hillary-obama-6-27-08-3With the pundints scratching their heads and asking all the wrong questions regarding Benghazi they have lost the forest for the trees.

It was election time. One of the POTUS Obama campaign issues was how his administration had broken the back of Al Qeda and had them on the run. On the night of September 11th he was heading out the door to go to Vegas on a campaign stop. Dealing with a “terrorist” attack during his re-election didn’t fit into the agenda. It’s really no more complicated than that.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered a down sizing of security forces at our embassies in Muslim countries. Why? Again, not complicated… the symbolic gesture to the Islamic world that we (the United States of Obama) were not a threat to them (never mind the reality of them being a threat to us). Liberals love symbolism. “Why, they love us because Obama is President and we pose no threat.”

Then came reality. Then came the attack!

Did the Obama administration tell us it was a terrorist attack? Did Clinton? No, we were told “protestors” eurpted into a rioting anger over a YouTube video which mocked the Islamic faith. They sent UN Ambassador Rice onto the TV talk show circuit with this asinine assertion that a poorly made satire video sparked killings and bombings in the middle east.

In short, they lied. It’s really no more complicated than that.

The result gave us 4 dead Americans and the O’s promise of, “tracking down these killers and bringing them to justice” like this is an episode of Law & Order.

President Obama lied to the American people about Benghazi repeatedly. He gets testy when asked about it in Press Conferences. The useless and inept mainstream media is too gutless to pressure this administration for the real truth. They would rather be a propoganda machine for the President than actually doing their job – which they no longer have a clue on as to what that job is. It’s not complicated to understand this.

Whistleblowers have tried to come forward and have been threatened but O claims ignorance. Mmmm, he’s ignorant alright. Now Congress will finally hear some of these whistleblowers and witnesses who will testify they were ordered NOT to intervene in the attack as it was happening. Obama has been smug in the fact the mainstream media has not done its job in reporting this and his people from Pinetta to Clinto to the adultering general went to the hill and lied and covered up.

They protected a President and Hillary wants to be President so they have worked together to cover their tracks. Obama needs to be impeached and Hillary needs to be in jail. It’s really no more complcated than that!

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