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“You have the right…” NO RIGHTS!

russian bombers4 Americans dead. Another 170 wounded (some permenately).

The Boston police did an incredible job finding the scumbags who plotted and carried out this overt Act of Terrorism. Last Friday (4/15/13) Islamic Terrorist # 1 Tamerlan Tsarnev – Russian jihadist import – was shot and killed thus ending his miserable existence and increasing the public safety of Americans everywhere. By evening his brother, Islamic Terrorist #2 Dzhokhar Tsarnev – Russian jihadist import, was in police custody.

With a self inflicted wound to the throat, he was rendered speechless for a few days.

Immediately the Obama Administration was under pressure to waive Miranda Rights and allow this vile piece of rat filth be treated as an enemy combatant. As usual POTUS O spoke out of BOTH sides of his mouth. First admonishing everyone to calm down and wait while a thurough investigation was done. Then mere hours later watching members of his cabinet “inform” us the brothers were lone radicals with no connections to any other groups.

Led by Senator Diane Fienstein (D) California, came the cry from the left he (the murderous vermin scum) was entitled to Do Process and Miranda Rights. The political right had a different view.

Libertarians and Constitutionalists found themselves in odd agreement with Fienstein claiming the Constitution did allow allow this waiver of rights. WRONG!

This dirt bag waived his rights when he snuffed out the rights of 4 people and 170 plus wounded victims. It is really no more complicated than that!

This dirt bag waived his rights when he and his Islamic brother declared war on America by blowing up the Boston Marathon.

This was not a car jacking that went bad or a 7-11 snatch and grab. THIS WAS AN ACT OF WAR!

Obama waffled on this decision. First, he declared the courts were able to handle this (implying Miranda Rights would be read and thus a trial). Then over the weekend they stated his rights would be waived for questioning to gather information needed but he would still have a trial. Okay. But on Wednesday, Federal Judge Marianne Bowler walked into Tsarnaev’s room and read him his Miranda Rights.

How much information will be now be lost? He can now legally clam up and the FBI is handcuffed.

The issue is not the trial. He will be tried. He will be found guilty of something and sent to prison. BUT with lawyers now involved … valuable information will be forever surpressed and lost.

Liberal defense teams like the ACLU are lining up to defend this maggot.

Just watch … in twenty years he will free from prison and either serving as Democratic congressman or teaching as tenured professor lamenting he did do more to inflict pain on the evil American empire.

Somebody read Obama his rights and deport him to his native Kenyan homeland.

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