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mccain traitor He has been called the maverick of the Republican party for his willingness to seperate from the GOP on key issues he disagrees with. The senior senator from Arizona is known for his independent streak. McCain came to national attention following his release from a Veitnamese POW camp. In 2008 he lost a presidential bid to Barrack Obama.

Members of his party were upset when he broke ranks on issues like campaign finance and immigration. Last week he drew the ire of staunch conservatives when he hinted GOP congressmen could meet the President on tax increases if he compromised on his side as well. On Sunday he appeared on Face The Nation and seemed perplexed with his own party over gun control. He stated he thought a healthy debate on the subject would be good for the country.

Today without any debate or defense of the second ammendment he and 15 other Republican’s voted with the Democrats for the most sweeping gun control measures. Assault weapons bans, magazine limits, and universal background checks were just some of the laws he voted for.

I do not see a veteran who votes against the constitution as a maverick. I see McCain for what he is: A Traitor!

He sold out his party, our rights, and his own integrity. McCain is an unprincipled politcal hack who may have compromised himself as a POW. Shameful. Disgusting. Some run against this fossil and send him back to the desert where he belongs!


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