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coach rice In 2010 Mike Rice became the head coach for the Rutgers University men’s basketball team. Known for his “passionate” displays of emotions on the sidelines during games … Mike is under the microscope following 30 minutes of video obtained by Outside the Lines and aired on ESPN of his practice behavior. Berating players, throwing balls at their heads, grabbing them, calling them vile names, and dropping the F bomb (and not the word Foul either) are all apparently part of the normal style of Coach Rice.

This past December he was suspended for 3 games by school administration but no details were released. It is now known they were shown the video which includes multiple practices of his wild behavior. The AD made the decision this was Rice’s first offense … first??? If you are seeing more than one incident you lump them all together since it’s the first time you’re seeing it?

“Your honor I know he killed 5 people over 3 years but this is the first time I found out about it so let’s count the 5 as 1 incident.” Same logic.

Now that the video footage has viral and every media outlet from talk radio to ESPN is talking non stop about it … Rutgers is “re-examining” its disciplinary action. When pressed yesterday they responded that Rice would be fined, attend anger management, and be supervised. “It’s not like there was a line of players coming to complain.”

With growing demands nationally for his termination … the next F bomb Rice may hear is “You’re FIRED!”

My issue is not with tough coaching. I have coached varsity sports on the high school level for over 20 years. I am for tough coaching. Yes, I do believe -from what I have seen- that Rice crossed many lines beyond acceptable tough coaching methods. My issue is with Rutgers.

Remember Don Immus? He made a comment about their girls basketball team and was ravaged by the media and university to the point he was taken off the air for awhile. He is a radio commentator whose job is to shock people with sarcastic hyperbole to get them stirred up and talking and calling in. He lost his job. Rutgers has a man on payroll who said more vile things in ONE practice than Immus did in one radio commentary and yet they’re defending the coach.

More liberal spin and double speak and hypocrisy.


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