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TJ WALKER“TJ Walker is the most widely syndicated and distributed digital video-only liberal news commentator in the world…” that’s quite an accomplishment and quite a claim but it comes directly from TJ’s website.

When you scroll down to see where his stuff carried … it’s self load sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It’s a self published author through Cafe Press and then marketing it yourself on  … wait … he does that, too. Okay. He’s following in the foot steps of media moguls like Cenk Uger when the Young Jerks aired exclusively on YouTube.

Apparently he desires to be the counter Rush Limbaugh. Rush made his mark calling himself “equal time” in the early days of his national radio show. TJ apparently feels there isn’t enough liberal bias in the mainstream media soooo he is now the Liberal’s Turn … rolling my eyes. OOOOOOKaaaaaaay.

Recently he has been on the Pelosi-Obama mantra that there is not a spending crisis in Washington except on the military. The day I listened to and heard his irrational rant on that was the same day North Korea was threatening a nuclear on the US. For the most he’s another non thinking, bleeding heart liberal who has leaned so far left he now suffers from premature, permenant intellectual alzheimers.

I first discovered the wisdom of TJ Walker when look for opposition information on Gun Control. The picture above with his close represents his preconceived liberal agenda which closes its eyes to the truth and simply pontificates the leftist spin.

Normally I would not take blog space for this but it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon here in central Florida, and I’m bored.

Recently, I posted a comment on one his YouTube offerings. He was so  impressed he responded and started following me on Twitter. Sooo, being the sweet guy I am I decided to give him a Chris Matthews thrill up the leg by featuring him here today.

Here’s one of his classic stupid moments I featured on my radio show… GUN CONTROL – TJ WALKER – IDIOT EXPLAINING THE CONSTITUTION

Hey … maybe I’ll give him a BIGGER thrill and mention him on radio tomorrow! 😉 DRIVE 5 LOGO

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