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bulbIt always worked … you could always count on it … it never failed until the day it did!

It can be perplexing when a method, strategy, ability, instinct, or talent that always produced and come through doesn’t. Your confidence is shaken. You wondering “have I lost it?” or “am I done?” The pressure and fear build. You try it again … fail. One more time … worse. What happened?

The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us that everything has a time and a purpose. But sometimes those purposes come to an end. When I came to Florida I was placed in charge of a ministry that was on life support. The vision was dim, the funding gone, and the purpose replaced by a hundred other ministries across the state doing the same thing only BETTER.  My recommendation was simple: END IT or EXPAND IT. Yes, you read that correctly. I told the board to either close it down and be done with it OR do it bigger, badder, and bolder than ever before. It was a state wide ministry which had been replaced regional versions of the same thing. So I said take it NATIONAL but plug into regional versions of that ministry across the country. The ministry provided face-to-face crisis counseling. It advertised in the yellow pages and on bill boards. Some one would call the 800 number (99% young female) at the home office … they would then be matched up with a counselor in their area. We networked with hundreds of churches across the state. Did regional rallies, training seminars, banquets, and endless fund raising. Churches found it easier and less costly to work with crisis counseling centers already available in their immediate area.

I advised ditching the 800 ads (extremely costly and teens don’t use phone books) and place ads on popular internet websites like FB and Google Search engine. Online counseling was another concept I pitched. I also proposed a direct to web teen soap opera drama that would air on YouTube where girls could watch the story of a young teen facing a crisis like a pregnancy and how through circumstances and intervention our ministry stepped in and helped her. I also proposed packaging our materials and methods into a product which could sold to clone ministries across the country. Everyone admitted that our materials and training were the best out there.

Two problems… the board had no vision for change and no funding to make it happen. I then recommended we close it and we did.

Here’s the principle: GO BIG OR GO HOME. It’s an old sports analogy that works in business, competition, life, and even in ministry.

At one that time  ministry was big and effective but it became out dated and irrelevant and in debt.

When something stops working you have 2 choices: 1) STOP DOING It 2) DO IT Different … slogging on the same ole same ole is tiresome, frustrating, and defeating. It doesn’t work. It’s time and purpose ended. Either end it or give it an extreme make over.

Maintaining IS NOT an option.

So, what in your life or career has stopped working? What are you going to do? Don’t be delusional and deny it. Don’t be frantic and change everything.  ASSES the situation with ACCURACY. ADMIT the problems. ACCEPT responsibility to do something.  ADMINISTER change.


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