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JULIAN NEWMAN HYPE OVER HOOPSJulian Newman’s edited youtube video vs mediocre competition who barely played any real defense on him became an internet viral sensation, according to his father (Jamie Newman) who has carefully crafted a local and national media explosion of his 11 year old son.

Is it about basketball hoops or just sensational hype? Both.

The question is not whether Julian is a stand out for his age. The question is with regards to the promotion of him as a “phenom” leading the state of the Florida. Answer: Not Even Close! It doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

Along with being in radio I have been heavily involved with coaching, officiating, and directing athletic leagues for over a quarter of century. Jamie Newman’s exploitation of his son is disturbing and alarming.

After learning of young Julian back in December I took a wait and see approach while others in the media fell all over themselves to embrace, promote, and praise the pint size hoopster. But the more I waited the more concerned I became. His promotion went from over zealous hype to false stats and outright lies and deception regarding the team record and Julian’s ranking. Downey Christian School of Orlando, FL was removed from sanctioned league play in the state of Florida by the SCL (Sonshine Christian League). They have no standing. They have no ranking. They have no title. Yet, the coach -and by coincidence Julian’s dad- claims a record of 22-5. 14 of those reported “wins” are disciplined forefeits by the SCL meaning they are not victories … they are losses. Not one state organization has recognized Julian as #1 in assists as a point guard in HS varsity basketball but Coach Dad has and it has been reported by ESPN, NY Times, Huffington Post, and other national news sources as fact without a shred of varification. Once I read Jamie’s bio on his website for Central Florida Hoops I see where the hype comes from. He hypes himself and his HS school record. Kind of sad … like the old Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days.

Watching the media lavish the praise without fact checking anything made me mad enough to get off the bench, come into the game, and declare a FOUL with regard to the Julian Hype.

I am not against sports, youth sports, or Julian. I am AGAINST distorting facts, lies, and hype. Let the kid develop naturally.

On Monday, March 4th I took it to the airwaves… NEWMAN RANT – DAY 1

On Tuesday, March 5th I dedicated half the show to this disturbing story … DRIVE 5 LOGO


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