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Boehner blames Obama for the Sequester. Tells the POTUS to fix the problem he created. Talks tough. But delivers sell out after sell out. He’s Obama’s bride. The GOP has no guts – no convictions since that fateful November election night of 2012.

BLOG - ROVE Karl Rove’r’, the architect of the Bush years, has launched a new SuperPac attack against …. CONSERVATIVE candidates. The moron who embarassed himself on the Faux Pas (formerly Fox News) News channel on election night telling them they had the election results wrong only to be exposed for being completely incorrect. Soooo, what’s his new strategy? Moderate GOP candidates who are “softer” versions of liberals.

Great plan … organize billionaires into selecting another McCain or Romney by vilifying true grassroots Conservatives.

News flash, Rover, we tried that TWICE and lost handily. Advice … retire. Warning … keep it up and the true Conservative media will expose you for the traitor you are.

Christie sold us out a week before the election for a hug and a kiss with Obama for some Sandy money.

Now in the latest of sell out betrayals … GOP Governors accept Medicaid funding. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

BLOG - SCOTTGovernor Rick Scott of Florida expanded Medicaid coverage to as many as 900,000 more people under the healthcare law. He said it would sunset in three years. That means he will only offer it for the three years that Federal government completely funds it. Yah, right!

First… there’s NO way it goes away in three years. That means a greater burden on Floridians.

Second… even if it did go away in three years (which it won’t) he is saying “I know the federal government is broke and living on the credit of China but as long as they’re willing to spend it … I’ll help!”


For crying out loud … get some guts … speak from conviction and STOP selling out!

You add to the welfare state while decrying welfare. You speak of fiscal responsibility while having none. You oppose Obamacare only to embrace it.

Brewer of Arizona, Kasich of Ohio, as well as the GOP governors from Michigan, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Nevada are all worthless sell outs. Period.

They have NO RIGHT to lead. They have NO HONOR. NO VALOR. NO CORE.

SO what are we left with? I guess whoever Rover and his pack of dogs pick for us. No Thanks!


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