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barack-obama-state-of-the-unionThe POTUS, Barrack Obama, delivered his fourth State of the Union address last night. It can be summed with one word: MORE.

MORE taxes. MORE spending. MORE government programs. MORE regulations.

It’s MORE of the wrong stuff.

Painting Republicans as obstructionists and demanding they get out of his way so that his agenda can fly through Congress unhindered, the President cast a big vision for a big government.

He repackaged some of the same old rhetoric about green energy jobs, “investing” in roads, bridges, and education but then came the big one: MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE. Really? In this economy, he created and doubled the debt on in just four years, he thinks hitting businesses owners with a mandatory wage increase to $9 an hour after most are still reeling and laying off over Obamacare is a good idea?

Then came the emotional heart pulling story about a 102 year old woman who waited 6 hours to vote. Translation- limit voting restrictions so anyone -legal or not- can vote (Democractic ticket). Finally, came the passionate plea for his gun grab. He is either a dilusional dolt or an outright liar when he says gun owners across America agree with his “rational” new infringements on the second amendment. Playing politics with grieving families he lauded that 1,000 deaths (where did he get that stat) have occurred from gun violence since the Newtown shootings. Did that include Ex-LA police officer Dorner who went on a killing spree and naming Obama as his hero in his manifesto?

Then came the GOP rebuttal delivered by Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida. Marco_Rubio_speech_drinking_from_water_bottle_20130213015046_320_240

Rubio was on point in rebutting the President’s big government answer for America’s problems. “Opportunity isn’t bestowed on us from Washington.

The liberal mainstream media has had a collective orgasm over his reaching off camera for water and then the gulp sound. Yes, lampoon the drink since you cannot dismantle his argument. Make the water the issue and not the substance of his position which nailed Obama for the extremely radical anti-American socialist he is.

MSNBC had a field day. RachelMad Cow” Maddow led the charge mocking the water reach. Really? A year ago she was featured in an MSNBC promo in front of the Hoover Dam. Who in the PR department at NBC thought putting a dyke in front of a dyke was a great symbolic moment? Then the irrational loon Chris “Magic Feeling” Matthews weighed in with a comparison to “tinker toys”. How does that moron still have a job and why does anyone consider him a credible member of the media?

We saw vintage Deomcrat tactics on display last night. The President served up the big money, big goverment speech in a fashion that LBJ would be proud of. And the machine went to work at destroying a Senator they fear may challenge them in 2016 for the White House. New day but same old dogs chewing vomit and spitting it at America.


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