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ANDY 1Most of us can remember watching Sheriff Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bea live their Americanna lives in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. Barney was the comic relief around an ensemble of lovable country folk like Floyd, Goober, and Gomer. Looking at those shows we see traditonal values, moral life lessons, and American patriotism. But off set the cast was nothing more than liberals in conservative drag.

Andy Griffith who starred in the show, based on a character he created on Danny Thomas’ Make Room for Daddy, and went on to star in Matlock … spent his life supporting Democratic causes. Now, that wasn’t too far of a stretch since the South was a Democratic stronghold for years. But no one seems to remember why that was. Slavery. Republicans were seen as the slave liberators because of Lincoln. President Eisenhower, Republican, got Civil Rights rolling. The Republicans in Congress made Civil Rights laws happen. They were opposed by the Deomcrats of the South known as Dixie-crats. President Lyndon Johnson is well documented for his disdain of the Black race and used the “N” word freely and frequently in the White House. He signed the Civil Rights Act to guarantee that those “n_ _ _ers vote Democrat for the next two hundred years!” Republicans were dispised in the South as being seen as freeing slaves and making Blacks equal thus destroying the culture and southern way of life. Plus, the Democrats were seen as the poor man’s party. Relief, aide, and federal pork were poured into the south with public works bills and more.

The shift began in 1980 when many in the South began to understand that the pork actually cost them millions and billions in tax dollars. Obit Andy Griffith

Southerners were also gravely concerned over the extreme leftist views, positions, and social issues of the Democratic party. To them it was no longer the party of FDR or even Kennedy. It was seen and feared to be anti-American. Ronald Reagan brought millions of them into the Republican fold. Known as Reagan Democrats they shifted the Democratic stronghold of the south to the Conservative movement. But not home spun Andy.

Griffith, an educated man who masked his college degree with a folksy Will Rogers persona, could not claim -as many southerners did- that he didn’t know how leftist and extreme the Democrats had become. He endorsed many Democratic causes as well as campaigned for Democratic NC Governors. Griffith even made commercials endorsing Obamacare in that home spun folksy manner.

This week, after decades of silence on the issue, Jim Neighbors (Gomer Pyle) married his male companion of 38 years in Hawaii. He said he’s not political and kept it private to the media but his fellow actors knew. Same Sex Marriage and relationships are not exactly conservative ideals.

Andy Griffith helped Ron Howard (Opie) in 2008 make a commerical that would take they lovable Mayberry characters and make them campaigners for President Obama.


It makes you wonder. How did Griffith support causes that flied in the face against every ideal he taught his TV son Opie? Was it just acting?

I wonder if Griffith gave President Bush back the Presidential Medal of Freedom he received from him? He was certainly all smiles for the cameras on that day. I wonder if Obama ever watched an episode of Andy Griffith with its all white cast and colonial American stories? Would Obama’s communist grandparents even allow that show on in their home? Obama said he did. At Griffith’s death the President said his show had “warmed the hearts of Americans everywhere” and he was sad. Was he? Or is Obama another actor endorsing an actor? Saying what he needs to say to those he needs to -at that moment- say. Shame on Andy. Shame on us.


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