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SANDY HOOK OBAMANever let a good crisis go to waste. Not when you can exploit it, play on peoples’ fears, and further a radical leftist agenda.

From the moment news reports began to flash the stories that fatal December morning about shootings inside the Sandy Hook Elmentary School in Newtown, CT … the left saw an opportunity. This was it. Finally, a crisis with enough emotional connection for people to willingly surrender more of their rights in the name of protecting children and losing their own freedom in the process.

Details of Adam Lanza circulated immediately. A troubled emotional young man who got into his mother’s gun stash … killed her and then killed 26 inside a quiet rural school building a week before Christmas before taking his own life. Obama and the left had just the crisis to make the NRA receive payback for the 2012 election. With a “tear” in his eye he announced that VP Biden would head up a commission and by January new implementations would be introduced to thwart gun violence. Well, on January 16 we saw the result of the commission: more gun laws, more gun restrictions, less freedom, and less regard for the constitution.

For the President … this was as good as the timely arrival of Hurricane Sandy during the final week of the campaign. He could look presidential, hug Gov. Krispy Kreme Christie (the lying Republican traitor who will NEVER be president now), appear to be managing FEMA and helping victims. Thus pushing Romney from view. Now, it’s gun death and children. Another gift.

Or is it something else?

Adam tried to buy a gun at Dick’s Sporting Goods but was turned down. Why would a kid with access to an arsenal need to buy a gun to shoot up a school when he had plenty at home? Maybe … my theory … maybe he did not act alone.

What about him being a patsy for a sleeper cell? What if this crisis was created for the very purpose we are seeing now: the disarming of law abiding citizens so that the sheep (us) can be taged, sheared, and controlled.

Listen to the broadcast from January 16th – It is worth the one hour to listen DRIVE 5 LOGO

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