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Half Full … NEVER Half Empty

glass-half-full-large-msg-126484492915On this … the day of my 45th birthday … I pause to consider the question of how much life do I have left and what will I do with it?

No one has been promised tomorrow. Life is a vapor … here one moment and then gone.

I am at the age where I want what I do to count. To mean something. To make an impact. Whether I have another thirty or forty years is not the issue. The issue is what I am doing with RIGHT NOW. In this moment … with this opportunity.

Yes, there are things I definitely want to do and accomplish. At times I feel as though that my stride and experience and creativity are at their peak right now, but I’m not doing what I could be doing. It can be frustrating. Irritating. Urksome.

John 10:10I have come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly…”

I want to make the most of right now. To do all I can do right now. To make the most of this moment right now. It’s not about what’s gone. It’s about what’s left.


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