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canvas 1This past Saturday the wife and I took our three teenagers out to buy basketball sneakers.

When I was their age -I hate it when I sound like my father- All canvas high tops were about $35.00. All Leather (Nike had really just come on scene) sold between $50.00 and $75.00. I remember my Nike Air Force … I only wore them in the gym and got two seasons out of them. Plastic sneakers sold for around $20.00.

I was in sticker shock on Saturday even AFTER doing online research for sales and deals. It was not the $100 plus price tag that shocked me. It was that my kids turned their noses up at all the leather (old man shoes my son called them) Nike’s which still sell for around $75.00.  My kids wear all canvas Vans and Converse everyday. They own several pairs in a variety of colors. These vintage gym shoes are now school “dress” shoes.

The shock was in the name brand shoes selling for $125, $145, and up are made out of “synthetic” flex fiber for greater performance. Translation: Plastic. My kids and American kids in general have been sold on fake as being real.

This is not only in clothes and footwear but in school and on TV. Revisionist history, political propoganda being passed off as news, social reprogramming being tauted as education, and Hollywood “true” story movies which are more myth and spin than actual factual portrayal BUT the movie becomes the official record in the minds of these kids and NOT the facts or the truth.

In short … kids believe lies propogated by a leftist ideology hell bent on the destruction of the traditional family, American patriotism, traditional values, faith in God, and anything else which has made us great like a free market capitolist economy.

They tweet, text, skype, and instagram about pop culture and gossip while believing the government is responsible to provide safety, security, and provisional care like an income, insurance, college, and etc. Gone is truth. Gone are facts. Gone is individualism. We are now part of the collective state. Government is our mommy and we her minions. Welcome socialism. Goodbye America.

How’s that for an object lesson from a shoe aisle?  DRIVE 5 LOGO

Pastor Marty Braemer

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