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Al Gore-Jazeera

al-goreAl Gore, former Vice President and future nothing, has sold his little watched Current TV to Al Jazeera. Really? A man who once took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution as well as an obligation to protect the United States and her people sells his media business to a propoganda arm of Islamic terrorists. This after he turned down an offer from Glenn Beck and conservative media. Let that sink in…

A man whose wife lectured us on the content of video games and gangster rap lyrics and pushed congress for a rating system sells out to a group who defend the PLO, terrorists, Iran, and other anti-American and anti-Israel groups. Okay.

This hypocritical windbag who has lectured us on climate change and carbon foot prints yet maintains mansions (plural), flies on private jets, and travels in stretch Hummers … took the TV during November to defend POTUS Obama and raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans as a “patriotic” duty. BUT tried to ink his 500 million dollar deal with Al Jazeera BEFORE December 31st to avoid the millionaire Fiscal Cliff tax (New York Times). Lying hypocrite. He is the poster child of do as I say and not as I do.

Like the Hollywood idiots demanding gun bans yet maintaining personal arsenals, body guards, and appearing in the most visually violent movies in history … Gore is nothing more than an elite pontificating liberal moron who has now proven himself as one who seeks his own benefit and not that of America. He is to be ingored, lampooned, and labeled for the fool he is. In my opinion you could add traitor to that list as well. Even Time Warner Cable cancelled Current TV when it was sold to Al Jazeera as to not allow them access to American homes. WOW … an “evil” corporation proves itself more patriotic than a former Presidential candidate.


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