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CoffeeMaker10Cup4036432I took a few days over the Christmas break from school to take the wife and kids on a mini get-a-way. Our nephew was getting married so it was the perfect excuse to blow town for a couple of days. We spent New Year’s Eve at Outback Steakhouse and  the movies. GUILT TRIP with Seth Rogen and Barbara Striesand was actually funny, well written, and well delivered. Then it was back to the hotel to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Not an “exciting” event by the world’s standard but it suited us.

Our family has reached the size and age which requires more than one room. Both rooms were mirrors of each other and at first impression were clean, well lit, and the decorum was new and in style. The rooms came furnished with two queen size beds, desk, an HD flat screen TV,  fridge, microwave, iron with ironing board, hair dryer, and a coffee maker. The furnishings were new and the bathroom had granite counters and custom tile showers.

Everything seemed in order. Everything seemed to be laid out in a convenient, comfortable fashion. BUT one thing stuck out in both rooms … the coffee maker. They were located IN the bathroom. The bathroom??? While I get the concept of the water supply … the image of making coffee in the same room one bathes in and disposes of self waste was not one which created a desire for coffee. Who knows what micro germs land on that pot each day. NASTY!

Image is everything. If it doesn’t look right … no matter how good it is … it will not be taken as right.

This leads us to Congress and the Fiscal Cliff. The House passed three versions of a bill that Reid and the Dems refused to deal with in the Senate. Now, Reid and the Demtards spent New Year’s Eve creating a bill that cuts very few taxes but does raise spending including pay raises for a congress with a 5% approval rating. As Michelle Malkin put it “Ratio of tax hikes to spending cuts … 41 to 1 … thanks for the crap sandwich.” The Republican’s cave -no surprise- we get a take hike. “The last few days maneuvers in Washington have been vaudeville more than public policy. Nothing good will come of this secret negotiation”New Gingrich on 12-31-12

Well, Congress with all its ammenities proves where it belongs – the cammode. The problem is that we’re the ones getting flushed.

Happy New Year from Team Obama  DRIVE 5 LOGO

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