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January 28, 2013

Makes you wonder how long after he’s gone it will next our grandchildren to clean up his mess…   Pastor Marty Braemer … The DRIVE @ 5 … Today 5PM (EST)  … Advertisements


January 23, 2013

Only the classless liberal mind celebrates the termination of innocent life within the womb… Really? And the libs wonder why school’s are the target of shooting violence. It’s simple. As society … children have become throw away options for selfish, self absorbed females and sex driven male DNA donors. SHAMEFUL!


January 19, 2013

Lines are forming early for POTUS Obama Day  


January 17, 2013

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Not when you can exploit it, play on peoples’ fears, and further a radical leftist agenda. From the moment news reports began to flash the stories that fatal December morning about shootings inside the Sandy Hook Elmentary School in Newtown, CT … the left saw an opportunity. […]

Half Full … NEVER Half Empty

January 15, 2013

On this … the day of my 45th birthday … I pause to consider the question of how much life do I have left and what will I do with it? No one has been promised tomorrow. Life is a vapor … here one moment and then gone. I am at the age where I […]


January 7, 2013

This past Saturday the wife and I took our three teenagers out to buy basketball sneakers. When I was their age -I hate it when I sound like my father- All canvas high tops were about $35.00. All Leather (Nike had really just come on scene) sold between $50.00 and $75.00. I remember my Nike […]

Al Gore-Jazeera

January 6, 2013

Al Gore, former Vice President and future nothing, has sold his little watched Current TV to Al Jazeera. Really? A man who once took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution as well as an obligation to protect the United States and her people sells his media business to a propoganda arm of Islamic […]


January 1, 2013

I took a few days over the Christmas break from school to take the wife and kids on a mini get-a-way. Our nephew was getting married so it was the perfect excuse to blow town for a couple of days. We spent New Year’s Eve at Outback Steakhouse and  the movies. GUILT TRIP with Seth […]