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new-yearsAustralia has already rung in 2013 and in about 15 hours we will do the same on the East coast in the good ole USA. Over one million celebrants are expected to converge on Times Square alone this year to watch the ball drop. In Nashville they wait for the guitar to fall. Here in Florida -actually in Bradenton – they drop a pineapple.

It all means the same thing … a fresh start – clean slate – a new chance

Some years we hate to see end and other years we can’t wait to see in the rear view mirror fast enough. From a political standpoint 2012 will always be an enigma to me … a total paradox. An electorate acknowledged a failed President, failed policies, a failed economy, failed agenda, fail – fail – fail on every front BUT re-elected him anyway. It is a stunning revelation of stupid on steroids. I could lament and thus speak doom for the coming year. We sit beyond the edge of the Fiscal Cliff. Lawmakers (there’s an oxymoron) meet today in a “last minute” strategy session to avert a crisis (which they created through a welfare mentality run amuck but refuse to admit). It’s like an alcoholic curing himself. Never works. Politicians are addicted to spending other peoples’ (OUR) money. Now we’re asking them to control themselves. Get back to me in 2013 and tell me how that went…

No, I refuse to do a year in review on THE DRIVE @ 5 … everyone does one but not me. Instead, I am reflecting on 2012 on a totally personal level. Sorry. If checked my blog today looking for political insight … maybe you’ll get some life ideology instead.

2012 was an incredible year in many personal ways… THE DRIVE came into its own. We did a farewell show in the midst of the most heated Presidential campaign in recent history which the drew the ire from callers, emailers, and listeners heartbroken and angry at the FM radio station which cancelled us ONLY to be picked up within two weeks by another station covering the same market and beyond.

Opposition to the program from the political left became apparent which meant we were and are on their radar which means we’re making an impact!

The summer of 2012 saw a turning point in my ministry. I spent much of it back in the pulpit which was a recharge I needed and appreciated God giving me. It absolutely solidified my desire to fulfill a call and mandate I know I’ve been given. I had the thrill of being a part of seeing several young people make life changing decisions during 2012 especially at camp. In fact, my own children melted my heart with commitments, decisions, and dedications they made during that week.

I have hopes and expectations for the new year which go past the temporal effects of the political fads of today. There’s a fire in my bones and an anointing on what I do which continues to confirm I am a man of destiny. Sound conceited? It’s not meant to. In fact, I believe everyone has a call – mandate – destiny to fulfill. The question is are you? There was a season -much by my own doing- I was not fulfilling what I had been called to do leaving me unfulfilled inside. Now, I can sense those embers stirring and burning again. I may not be exactly where I may want to be or doing everything I hoped to be doing … I believe I am where I am supposed to be right now – doing what I am supposed to be doing right now. That gives me expectation for tomorrow and fulfillment for today.


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