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OBAMA PROGRESSYou gotta love how the news media is now reporting that consumer confidence is at an all time low BUT just a month ago at election time it was at an all time high. They lied for 4 straight years during the Obama Regime and doubled down during this past year in making Mitt Romney the evil that destroyed the American economy. The end result was the re-election of POTUS Obamus.

NOW with the fiscal crisis a clear reality … NOW they are telling us people are worried. I have a hunch they were worried during the election but lulled into a false security by a lying media selling them on a rebounding economy that wasn’t rebounding at all. When businessmen like Jack Welch tried to explain about the misreporting and misinformation regarding unemployment and quarter losses, kool aid drinkers like Chris “The Irish Screamer” Matthews on MSNBC attempted to scream him down as slandering the President.

We were lied to and Matthews knows it.

This administration has lied and covered up a terrorist attack on 9-11. Four dead Americans are explained away as “bumps” in the road to peace in an Arab Spring. Why … it was a YouTube video that riled the Arab world and that filmmaker needed to be arrested. So, nothing has been done in response to several terrorist attacks on our embassies on the anniversary of 9-11 … Hillary Clinton is not being held accountable for her role at the State Department in failing to respond despite realtime video and reports of the 7 hour attack …. Obama packed for a Vegas campaign stop … Susan Rice carried Team O’s water with the YouTube lie … Low level State Department deputies fell on the sword – resigned – reassigned to other jobs WITHIN the State Department … John “The Traitor” Kerry will replace Clinton … Hillary will run in 2016 and this same media that has allowed the Benghazi Death Cover Up to continue and attempted to distract us with a steamy sexual affair scandal WILL lie to us in the coming weeks and months about Hillary’s record atttempting to portray her apart from Obama on fiscal and foreign affair issues. WHY? I thought what he was doing is working? Why would Hillary have to seperate herself from it?

Obama’s rejection of every plan the GOP have proposed regarding the fiscal cliff makes it even plainer … the President is not naive on the economy. HE WANTS IT TO COLLAPSE. Harry Reid and Pelosi and the other mouth pieces are merely distractions from the main event …. it’s bait and switch time. Here’s O’s Plan: Let the economy go off the cliff – claim it’s the fault of Rebublican’s and an OUTDATED capitalist ideology that rewards the wealthy and punishes the “middle class” – IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. The table will be set for Obama to have the answer RESPONSIBLE COMMUNISM which evenly distributes the wealth and keeps everything fair. Blacks and other minorities given to the slave mentality will become permenate underclasses used only for votes in the liberal agenda while the “middle class” becomes the mindless class voting for self preservation. The Liberal Elite Oligarchy will have finished what began with FDR and will climax with Obama … The United Socialist States of America.

Throw in some other managed crisis’ such as school shootings and a grieving nation will say goodbye to the second ammendment, loss of parental rights to protect the children, and that’s just the beginning. Speech will be restricted, homes will be monitored (under the guise of security), and wait until you see the micro chip they have to keep your children safe and protected.

Oh and Hillary … if she is not part of the Elite Oligarchy … she’s just another distraction meant to occupy a conservative media and keep them ranting on the Clinton’s and not keeping track of what is really going on. Hey Hillary … just think, after you and Bill sold your souls to help Obama get re-elected … you’re just bait, Baby. Feminist or not … The Elite have someone else (younger – dynamic – maybe gay or lesbian) in mind to be the new face of the agenda … not a worn out old sea hag who will be hung by her own party over Benghazi in three years. Remember how they hung you to pick Obama in ’08? Sorry Hillary … you will not be the cougar President. You’re a has been. Don’t feel bad.

Team Obama played you like they are the country. Bait – Distract – Switch. DRIVE 5 LOGO

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