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school%20prisonOur hearts are broken as we watch video footage of funerals for children who should be hanging up their Christmas stockings and dreaming of Santa’s visit next week. 28 people, mostly children, are dead and a nation and a community want to know why and how to prevent it from ever happening again.

The President and Democrats wasted little time in getting down to the politics of it. “Givc us the guns!” Anyone who defends gun rights will be viewed as cold hearted and uncaring by a distraught country who wants a quick fix and a simple answer. Even the NRA is tip toeing very lightly on this issue.

The shooter was mentally disturbed yet the media and Newtown police down play it. His mother is being set up to be the fall guy. The story is being carefully crafted that the only mentions of his mental hanicap is always associated with her taking him to gun ranges and letting him shoot fire arms. What’s missing is their human side of the story. She was single mom who wanted help for her son but was dealing with a legal system that provided more rights for him than her. In attempts to connect with him she tried everything including guns. Yes, boys, most boys – like guns. She did it responsibly. They went to a licensed gun range. He was trained in the proper care and safety of the weapon. Shooting at targets is a sport and there are competitions all over the country. But here’s how the “official” story will be presented … a mother who should have known her mentally unstable son should not have been given access to guns allowed him to shoot, play violent video games, and did little to help him. Before this is over she will be portrayed as one who partied and left her son to himself. This will be the set up that even though there are gun laws in place about mental capacity and criminal records … he had no record … that the current gun laws “do not” work thus the general public can no longer be trusted with firearms and for the “safety” of the children … no more private ownership of guns. That’s where this headed as a Communist in drag regime called the Democrats move swiftly to scare the public and frighten them out of their rights. Afterall, NEVER let a good crisis get away from you!

BUT that’s only one step. The liberal progressive movement which wants to indoctrinate our youth into their ideology isn’t done with just taking the guns. In order to sell America on the re-education of our children … “protecting” them will be the operative ploy. So schools will now resemble prisons. High fences, locking gates, video cameras, parents loss of access to their children … let me say that again: PARENTAL LOSS OF ACCESS TO THEIR CHILDREN! Before school programs and aftercare programs are not about helping families. It’s about less time with home and more time in the re-education camps we mistakenly call schools. Oh, parents can feed them and sleep them and pay for them BUT make no mistake … they cannot uneducate them in two hours each evening against what the liberal progressives do to them for eight to ten hours or more a day do. Parents will have to be finger printed and processed and given “permission” to see their own children during the school day all in the name of safety. We will drive by schools which will be walled, isolated, and cut off.

I realize people are hurting and the nation is in mourning this tragedy BUT the liberal progressives will use this agony to further an agenda which will steal the hearts and minds of kids if we do not act now!

Two days I said this on my show … “Arm the teachers!” I meant it. Texas is doing it. Want to stop school yard shootings? Seriously stop it? Arm the teachers. These would be commando killers will think twice if they believe before they get off the first shot they will be cut down by a trained, armed teacher. Some school districts are placing armed police officers at schools.

Also… how about a serious study on the after effects of Ritalin and these behavior modification drugs we give boys who are deemed ADD and ADHD by public schools and secular psychologists. Wonder if our shooter was altered by drugs such as these? The police say no but in the wake of Benghazi … can the government be trusted or believed at any level when there’s a driving political ideology behind the scenes working to “craft” a story rather than report the facts?

Finally … yes here it comes … let God back into the classrooms, the communities, and the culture. Have our schools and way of life gotten better or worse since He was kicked out by the Supreme Court?

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