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JESUS MYTH‘Tis the season for peace on earth … good will toward men … and atheists to demonstrate what non thinking, ignorant jerkweeds they are!

The American Atheists purchased a $25K billboard in Times Square just in time to prove they make the Grinch look like an ambassador of Christmas cheer. The board features two pictures: one of Santa and one of Jesus on the cross. Above Santa it reads: “Keep the Merry” and above Jesus it reads: “Dump the Myth.”

Atheism is the myth. There is no such thing as person who does not believe in God. Period. There are people who try to scream so loud over His still, small voice as to mute the conviction and torment within themselves BUT at the end of the day … they know HE exists. Otherwise they wouldn’t protest so loudly. Who spends time, money, passion, and effort fighting myths, fables, and fairy tales? No one. Notice they really only fight ONE deity and not all. There are no billboards attacking Buddah or mocking Allah (they are too afraid and gutless to do that). Who do they target? Jesus. Why? He’s real.

Dusty Smith claims to be a Christian turned atheist because there is no evidence to prove Jesus actually existed. That assertion is so stupid on so many levels it boggles the truly thinking mind. Free thinkers are actually closed minded prisoners of their own flawed, failed, factually challenged conclusions.

Dan Barker is a former evangelical pastor turned atheist. Why? Because Jesus didn’t come back in his timeline thus He must not exist. Oy Vey. How can someone so talented end up so mind blowingly and glaringly ignorant?

The louder an atheist yells … the more guilt he is covering. Period.

Do not allow non thinking free thinkers and atheists ruin your Christmas. Do more than ignore them. Stand up to them, expose their idiocy, and delight in watching them prove what intolerant, irrational, ignorant frauds they are.

The War FOR Christmas continues with Pastor Marty and the DRIVE @ 5 D5 WPGS AD 2Monday – Friday 5PM

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