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OBAMA BWHe is no Lincoln. He is no Martin Luther King. But he is the latest keeper of the myth that the Democrats and not the Republicans are the friends of the Black race in America. Incorrect. False.

Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves. President Eisenhower, a Republican, helped launch Civil Rights action. Republicans in congress pushed Civil Rights through while Southern Deomcrats declared, “Segregation Now! Segregation Tomorrow! Segregation Forever!” President Johnson, a Democrat, signed the Civil Rights Acts -not out of conviction but political opportunity. He was quoted as saying, “These N***ers will vote Democrat for the next 200 years!”

The great lie of the Great Society created and perpetuated by Liberals and Progressives is that welfare lifts people up and betters them. BULLHOCK! It is the chains that hold them back, the hand that keeps them down, and the system which makes them a permanent underclass. It’s tragic that those who affirmed and advocated Black Americans as equals are portrayed as the racists while the TRUE racists – Liberal Elites –  have managed to do more harm than Jim Crow ever dreamed of doing. An entire race has been subjugated to hands out, government housing, food stamps, welfare, and free cable TV. Oh … don’t forget the Obama Phone.

In reality Liberal Elites see them as weak, inferior, and nothing more than a trained pet“vote for us and get a treat – good boy.”

The new plantation is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Obama pays lip service to “his” race when it’s election time but has nothing to empower, elevate, or increase the betterment of the African American community. He pontificates his amen preaching lines when speaking to them -or AT them would be a more accurate description- but fails to communicate and partner with them. Why?



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