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obama victoryAll the pundints, cable news commentators, and conservative talking heads have it wrong – completely wrong about POTUS Obama and the fiscal cliff.

LET ME BE CLEAR… it’s not simply a matter of “blame” the GOP congress … it’s a matter of ideology.

While conservative talk show hosts tweak the fine points of does Obama really understand how the economy works … let me answer that. Yes, he does and he DISDAINS it! His world view is simple: the public sector exists to fuse the government sector with income. Period. The government exists to control people, provide for people, and dole out benevolance as IT deems necessary. Period. The government not only exists, in his mind, to be all but it knows all.

Obama WANTS the fiscal cliff. He welcomes it for a variety of reasons.

1. THE BLAME GAME – Yes, it gives him another hammer to hit Republicans with. “Americans, you’re suffering because THEY won’t let me raise the taxes on the people who could afford to help us avoid this cliff.” It’s simple, easily remembered mantra for the masses, but totally and completely FALSE. If he got his tax increase -at current spending levels- it would finance the government less than a month. But people who want  their Obama Phones, Obamacare, and Obama Bucks don’t care.

2. THE SHIFT GAME – Once we plunge over the fiscal cliff and everything from taxes to utilities rise then he can shift. “This system (Capitolism) propogated by the richest 1% and defended by the Republicans is the reason this keeps happening. We need a new system that is fair and everyone has an equal shot.” Sound familiar?

At the DNC Convention we were told, “America is a rigged system!” That should have been an alarm but it wasn’t.

3. THE SKIN GAME – Is where he wants this to be and where it’s going right now. This is nothing more than a set up for WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION and his radical EXTREME GREEN AGENDA. Communism meets Socialist Enviromentalism. Why? To save the planet? NO!!! Don’t be stupid. Oil is the fuel of freedom – without it – we are a crippled third rate non power … THE END GAME GOAL!

In Obama’s world the fical cliff is a Christmas present given to him by an ignorant, purposely ill-informed electorate who gave him a second term when they would have fired an NBA coach after 4 losing seasons.

The fical cliff makes it possible to introduce a new economic system AND castrate the GOP once and for all.

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