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Glenn Beck says Obama will be impeached because of the Benghazi cover up. My response … Dream On. Should he be impeached? ABSOLUTELY! But the sad, simple truth is he won’t be. Why? The media isn’t covering the story in a way the average American gets it or cares at this point.

Sean, Rush, O’Reilly and dozens of knocks off on the air across the country are simply preaching to the choir. The same audience that listens to Rush watches Fox News. The same people who saw 2016 read Drudge and watch Glenn Beck TV.

In the coming weeks on the DRIVE @ 5 I am going to break out of the mold even more than I am. Yes, the D5 is already completely different than anything on conservative talk radio. BUT we’re about to get BIGGER – BOLDER – BRASHER – BRAZEN as we preach past the choir to the average American at large. Now it is true that my show is carried regionally across Central Florida. But with the internet its reach is far greater. This program will be Howard Stern meets Rush Limbaugh on steroids. It will make Michael Savage and Mark Levin sound passive. Brilliantly deep – cutting edge for conspiracy enjoyment – shockingly honest – brutally pointed and mixed with irreverent commentary, sarcastic parody and comedy, along with the language of the generations: MUSIC and more of it. In other words, I am the NEW voice of conservative talk who isn’t interested in talking to conservatives. I want to to talk everyday people who are living their lives and trying to make sense of it all.

Yes, as a pastor I will offer spirital insight but as a social commentator … I am the conservative’s answer to Bill Maher with two exceptions: I do believe in God and I’m smarter, funnier, and dead on accurate. Look out 2013 … here comes the NEW Pastor Marty on the NEW DRIVE @ 5!

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