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It seems to be the new national craze and favored participation sport … standing in long lines on Thanksgiving night waiting to be mobbed, crushed, pushed, punched, and slammed for the chance to be of six hundred other people trying to get one of those ten 40′ flat screen TV’s for $99.00

We call this activity BLACK FRIDAY!

The first time in my life -EVER- I went to a Black Friday Pre-Sale at Walmart on Thursday. INSANE. It was absolute insanity.

I did not know you need to arrive hours -if not days- before the post event time. No doubt women and experienced Black Friday shoppers are thinking, “amateur!” I got there 5 minutes before. That was my second mistake. My third mistake was thinking the item wanted would be in the section of the store which sells that item. Survey Says – BUZZZZZZZZZ! No, the electronic item I wanted was in the fozen food section of the supermarket side of Walmart. I discovered after waiting in the wrong line for fifteen minutes.

Mistake number four was heading to the back of the right line at the wrong time. Now, you may be wondering since I started with mistake number two … what was mistake number one? BEING THERE!

I have decided Black Friday is definitely not for me. I am working on a list reasons of why men should not participate in Black Friday. I need YOUR imput. Email me: with your suggestions. Here’s mine: Stay home in your boxers, drink coffee, and shop online. Share your insight with me. I will share these on the Monday DRIVE @ 5.

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