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The day after Obama was re-elected by the dumbest voting electorate to date in American history … businesses large and small began announcing lay off’s, cut backs, and full time employees reduced to part time. Why? The EXTREMELY unfriendly business policies, mandates, and taxes of the O-ministration.

Making matters worse is that even simple pleasures like enjoying a snack cake is now luxary in the Obama economy.

Hostess turned off its ovens, closed its doors, and sent 18,500 employees into the Christmas season with no employment. Why? The POTUS’s union thug pals tried force management at Hostess to cave to their demands. Hostess’ response was simple: See Ya!

No more Wonder Bread (every kid of the 1970’s grew up on that), no more Hostess snacks, and no more Twinkies.

All those fools who voted for FREE Obama Phones, Health Care, Student Loans Forgiven, and Contraceptives are about to find how expensive free can be. Papa Johns Pizza, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Denny’s, and a growing list of businesses have said enough is enough. They will not fund the madness of an idealistic socialist any longer. What do we get out of this? No more Twinkies BUT Two Ding Dongs!

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