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So how did some of us on the right get this election so wrong?

Team Obama got help from the mainstream media, Superstorm Sandy, and a stupid electorate. Yes, I said stupid. There has been an ideological shift. A majority -small- but nonetheless majority want stuff. They want the government and Papa O to take care of them. They have no clue how to pay for it nor comprehend the dangerous fiscal cliff we’re heading nor the radical agenda O is about to shove down our throats but they will have rationed healthcare, food stamps, and condoms.

Romney allowed Obama to define him. I believe Mitt did a good job in the debates debunking that BUT he should have come out stronger, harder, sooner after the President. He should have hung Libya around his neck and MADE the media pay attention to this administration’s lies and cover up regarding 4 dead and now forgotten Americans.

Apparently I was completely wrong about people in the northeast whom I predicted would backlash the POTUS for his mishandling of Sandy. Nope. Wrong. I guess one hug from Governor the Hut, Chris -Krispy Kreme- Christi was enough to calm them into believing Obama cared. LOL!!!! About as much as he does over four dead Americans at the hands of murderous Islamic terrorists.

So what do we get now… 4 more years and a triple down of debt, out of control spending, and a total erosion of the American culture. Europe, here we come.

The House is still in GOP hands. Obama has no clear mandate. He gave no vision. He demonized Romney, created false issues like contraceptive rights, and lied about the state of our false recovery. So now what? Simple – unempolyment will rise, debt will increase, borrowing will speed up, and a crash will happen causing a full depression. Oh, and O will play golf, get cozier with Islamic lunatics, hang Israel out to dry, and ram a social agenda at us that will scare us like you cannot believe.

Why did the electorate vote for this? They’re stupid. Plain and simple. Stupid people do stupid things. As a pastor -yes here comes theology- I understand that on God’s prophetic table certain things have to happen. God has chosen Obama to be the vessel that decreases the size and strength of America – regulating us to just another country and not a world power or leader. Despite Mitt’s best efforts to combat the narrative Obama created in the nastiest of campaign’s … the average got into the voting booth and chose what they knew Obama to be over what they were spoon fed to fear what they didn’t know about Romney.

You think the last four years was bad. Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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