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One of two things will happen when the results come in: BIG night for Romney or a BIG night for Obama. It will not be a squeaker – I do not believe. IF it the POTUS is re-elected it means the ideology of the country has made a dramatic shift. European socialism has been accepted and adopted into our cultural. We now EXPECT the government to take care of us and have the answers.

IF – as I believe will happen – this is still a center right country then Obama will lose HUGE tonight.

I will also make one final BOLD prediction … not only will it be a Romney Landslide BUT he is going to win one or two states that NO ONE expects. I’m serious. I am originally from the northeast. Yes, we’re rash, brash, crude, and rude BUT NO we’re not stupid. Obama’s photo op after Superstorm Sandy and then utter failure to deliver will not go unnoticed nor unpunished by northeast voters. It will solidify in their minds that he has lied about Benghazi, the economy, his jobs numbers, and everyother claim. They have NOW experienced first hand being patronized – speeched – pimped – and flipped off by the Chicago street organizer.

Sounds crazy to think the northeast like New York or New Jersey going for Romney … can anyone say Reagan???

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