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Aaaah, never miss an opportunity for a photo op pretending to be the President. Hurricane Sandy has O off the campaign trail in the WH doing his best to be in command. So, rain gets his watchful eye. Burning our flag, attacking our embassies abroad, and 4 dead Americans in Benghazi warrants a quick trip to Vegas to raise money for his re-election bid. Good thing he’s got his priorities straight.

Mr. President, do the right thing and come clean. STOP the Benghazi cover up. You took a jab at Mitt Romney over his “lack” of understanding in a new age that less traditional military weapons are needed. Well, you and the bloated Secretary of State have a month and a half of sifting through the LIVE stream media you watched in real time. Maybe you don’t understand that we no longer communicate by Moarse Code and cable grams.    

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