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An open letter to our President, Mr. Barack Obama.

Dear President, criss crossing the country and campaigning with Letterman, Leno, and Whoopi must be taxing. Especially when fighting the up hill battle of having to defend a record which cannot be defended. Since there is already a lifetime of work waiting for Mr. Romney following his inauguration maybe you could him a favor. Instead of wasting precious fossil fuel in the non green friendly Air Force One making these pointless jaunts … go back to Washington D.C. and spend some actual time in the remaining weeks you have IN the Oval Office and do something besides another photo op or speech about the four dead Americans in Libya. Or is that one more mess for Team Romney to deal with as well after he is sworn in?

Now, in your propoganda world of only being surrounded by minions who sing your praises  you may think you’re going to skate through on this since much (but not all) of the mainstream media is seemingly acting like a Superpac rather than responsible journalists on this vital issue. I assure you that is not the case, Mr. President. You need to make this right. Each day that passes by only makes the charges of cover up more and more credible. Take a break from a pointless campaign. You have no plan for the next four years other than a repeat of these four. Your lines about Romney are tiresome and factually inaccurate. Bottom line … you’ve lost your mojo and the public ain’t buying it anymore. Do yourself and our wallets a favor … get back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue avenge the loss of American lives under your Arab Spring. You have disrespected our allies and emboldened our enemies.  Enough!

Your campaign is an insult to our intelligence and a shameful embarassment to those who drank the Hope and Change Kool-Aid four years ago.

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