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In the third and final debate the pundints were as stunned as the POTUS himself. Romney did not call Obama out on Libya nor did he engage the former community organizer turned White House occupant in tit for tat retaliation of Obama’s small, nippy, and snarky personal attacks.

Instead… Romney went big picture and looked Presidential. Obama began the debate with an aggressive approach but failed to draw Romney into any foreign policy issues where the President could paint Mitt as a warmonger. Romney skillfully answered foreign policy questions and then went aggressive on the economy. Obama looked frustrated that the deabte did not take the direction he had envisioned. Quick fact checks already reveal that Obama was wrong on three key attacks he launched on Romney including his false claim that Romney wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt without any support. Completely false. At times the POTUS even lectured Governor Romney on how the aircraft carriers work. It made Barack look petty and arrogant and totally desperate. What was O’s big idea for the economy … more money for Union member teachers.

Romney needed to maintain his lead. He did. Obama needed a knock out. He didn’t get it.

Bottom line … President Mitt Romney wins a clean sweep.


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