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Despite new thrills going up Chris Matthews’ leg … Obama is still 0-2 in the debates! All bark – no bite. Raising his voice when he needed to reinforce his argument and getting offended when his rhetoric doesn’t match his record is what we saw from the POTUS in the Tuesday night debate.

Newt Gingrich called Obama the Food Stamp President. Here’s another description -my own- the Bail(ed) Out President. He tried to bail out the economy with stimulas billions. What’s the result? Net jobs lost. An actual unemployment rate of nearer 10 percent when you factor in 23 million unemployed Americans, 47 million on food stamps, and millions below the poverty living on part time or under employed wages. With his campaign in a tail spin and damage control mode over his lies and cover ups in Libya … Hillary Clinton tried to bail him out. Tonight, when Romney called him out for waiting nearly three weeks for calling the 9-11 attacks terrorist attacks … CNN Candy (the moderator) jumped in and bailed him out claiming he called it terrorism the next morning. WRONG! He did NOT call the attacks in Libya which left 4 Americans dead terrorist attacks. He called them “bumps in the road to peace.” For three weeks he blamed a YouTube video. He sat on the couch on THE VIEW and said the attack was under investigation if it was organized terrorism or spontaneous rioting. LIE! He knew within 24 hours it was an attack but maintain the YouTube dodge for three full weeks. NEVER ONCE did he use the phrase terrorism or terrorist attacks when addressing the United Nations. But he did reference the YouTube video six times, indicted anyone that disrespected Mohammed and Islam, and apologized to the world for our First Ammendment freedom of speech which allowed that video to be made and played.

So in the past 24 hours the Commander-In-Cheif of the Free World has been bailed out by two women. Why?

He’s out of hype. His record is one of total failure on all fronts. President Mitt Romney again proved he is up to the challenge. He put out ideas, an agenda, a plan, and vision. What did O give us? Attacks, snipes, and staged answers to hand picked questions from CNN Candy on women’s rights and gun control.

This did not play well with America. The Liberals and Democrats may be experiencing collective ecstasy tonight and will party like it’s an ’08 revival BUT Obama presented NO Plan, NO Defense, NO Rebuttal when Romney will pulled apart his four year record piece by piece. Now, the mainstream press will give Obama a win because he smiled and was aggressive BUT already his answers are being fact checked … the blogs are lighting up, twitter is going wild, and any enthusiasm rush tonight for his team will be greeted with the hangover of facts in the am when the questions and debunking getting into full swing. The frustration from the frenzy over his misrepresentations will erode any bounce before it happens.

Romney was good. He rocked Obama back a couple of times and beat him on substance. People have had four years of style. Now they need results. Now they need Romney.

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